Yes Jesus Loves Me

As I began to post this last night, I felt very uncomfortable. I ended the draft urging you to share your best rendition of this wonderful, not for just children song with me, declaring something that in your heart you may not believe, especially if like me, you’re going through a storm.

You see, love has been often incorrectly associated to happiness, health and prosperity for far too long in my thinking, and possibly yours. There are other factors too, but for now I want to clear this up for me, or anyone who sometimes may think like me. My concern with my blog today was, I am anticipating a not so glorious or even pleasant Monday, but that’s the point of this Blog. So before I posted what I had written, I had to sing to myself, yes, Jesus loves me. Mind you, this was not some manipulative chanting, but a practice in faith thinking, and as the author, Oswald Chambers declares, “ faith is not common sense nor common sense faith.”

That doesn’t dismiss the need for common sense, but they are not the same. So as I repeated the words and began to pray, I remembered not just the anticipation of an unpleasant confrontation I may have to have, but of the blessings continuously given me in the midst of a season of uncertainty.

I remembered my times spent in prayer and the answers given. I reminded myself of how many times, not just in the distant past, but in the past few weeks and months how God has provided and brought joy, help and direction my way.

I was reminded of how the past two or three weeks have been filled with tangible blessings and spiritual breakthroughs; of how God used me to be a blessing to others. I remembered how last week I participated in a Spirit filled weekend with women of all races and backgrounds brought together to praise and pray. Women who needed and received spiritual, physical, and emotional breakthroughs and how I was not only used to be a blessing but received a bigger one!

I remembered how God told Joshua that one man could go against one thousand and have victory because He would go before him; teaching me that I could face any difficulty because He is right there with me.

I was reminded, how, after bleeding for twelve years, a woman could drag herself to the feet of Jesus and instantly be made whole, and that we don’t so readily have to claim death sentences for ourselves our loved ones who are ill. I remembered God said he’d never leave me and if I’d just keep still, he’d show me that truth.

I was reminded even when the answer may not be what I’ve presented or expected, it’s because He has a better way and more life fulfilling answers, and my whole life, not just today’s issues or concerns , is in His very capable loving hands. I was reminded that none of His promises are associated or tied to a doctrine, or religion, but a covenant from Him to all his children, of whom I am one!

Life is hard and challenging and Jesus opened the way for us to pray and bring every concern to Him. Some will die, the state of the country may get worse, but don’t focus on that or let our conversations be consumed by all the trouble, without expressing statements of God’s incredible grace, mercy and power to change anything He pleases, answer the prayers, and consider the fasting of His children.

Yes, Jesus does love me, because after the Bible gives me life after life of examples and testimonies, He’s constantly giving me my own. So when life happens and joy seems so far away, I have the directions to navigate me back to peace in every storm. And every promise for me is for you today, right now, yes you. So now I sing and I ask you to join me today, and if you’re willing and able share it, by singing, or playing it on an instrument, or even speaking it with conviction, “JESUS LOVES ME, THIS I KNOW. FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO. AND TO HIM MY LIFE BELONGS, WHEN I’M WEAK MY GOD IS STRONG. YES JESUS LOVES ME, YES JESUS LOVES ME. YES JESUS LOVES ME, ALL MY LIFE HE’S SHOWN ME SO.

Happy Monday, really!

John 3:16

Lamentations 3:22-24




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