Why Again? I Won't be the Same!

Man!  I have a great story to share, but in the middle of writing it, I was moved to tell you, or remind you of the why.  In my very first blog, I partially shared why I started writing this.  I’ll say this for now, I’m in a so far, ten year season.  I’m coming through!  Like right now,  I’m so excited.  It ain’t pretty but it’s ending.   I won’t share it all now, I can’t yet.  But I will say this, I will never be the same again.   And that’s the point today. 

We sometimes get so concerned about keeping rules of the “club” we forget God.  So as excited as I was and am, to share another major lesson I learned after my amazing return to my alma mater, Oakwood University,  last week, I was stopped right in the midst of sharing and directed to say this.  God is real.  He’s not an idea, nor a well developed theory.  Your denomination didn’t make Him up nor do they ha e sole rights to reach no Him. We come to God solely through the name and in the name of Jesus. Not a priest, pope, pastor, or church goer!  Jesus, the  Christ.   God is real.  God loves us, singularly, individually, as if we were the only ones on the planet love.  God stinking loves you and for probably the first time as an adult, I’m believing that He loves me too. 

Now trust me, He’s given me favor all my life, He’s answered prayer, all my life.  But when storms came and I looked at my relationships and hurts, and dealing with jealous, mean spirited people, I lost sight of God and His love for me.  And then He allowed the worst season I’ve experienced, of course believing I was the only one who’d ever gone through this!  And now, I’m coming through!  In me!  How did I get here, a season of Joseph, Job, Moses, and I already know, many of you!  So why again?   Read a newspaper, watch the news, look at your families, look at our churches, Jesus is coming again.  That’s great news!  However, and here’s the sad truth of the story.   We don’t really, in our guts, believe it.   We believe it in theory, we believe it when we tell others, but when life hits us long and hard;  when we see ourselves not being relieved of sickness, loneliness, want, the way we envisioned,  we begin to live in survival mode, and doubt.  

We look at the lives of others, and what they put on display, and believe, we’re the only ones.   We begin to expect from others, what only a God should or can do.  We fast and pray with our well enlightened plans, believing our rituals will force his hand to do what we think best. 

So here I am again because I honestly, with my whole being, want us to get it.  To know to the depth of our souls, He’s real and loves us. But more than that, to believe in Him so much , that we’re willing to “jump in the canyon of surrender, and accept with joy”,  (Hinds feet, on high places), His will for our lives.  Accepting, not necessarily liking, everything we face, every day, believing He’s got us.  Like my little boy, now a man used to say to me, “ it’s be ok mommy”!  My friends, it will be ok.  Wherever you find yourself today, the more hopeless the better!  God’s got you!  After this, you’ll never be the same again!  Happy Monday!



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