We Have an Anchor, Pass the Baton

Lamentations 3:28-33; 37,38.  When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself.  Enter the silence. Bow in prayer.  Don’t ask questions.  Wait for hope to appear.  Don’t run from the trouble. Take it full force; the worst is never the worst.  Why?  Because God will  never walk out and fail to return.  If he works severely, He also works tenderly. No one can make anything happen unless the Lord allows it.  Good and evil are subject to His command.

Happy Monday friends!  Just another word to remind you, you’re not alone.   Looking at this text we see there are no promises of absence from sorrow, hurt or pain.   There are no easy fixes or shortcuts.  And yet we have this assurance.  We are not ever going to have to deal with any aspect of our lives without help, without hope, and be clear, I know it sometimes seems that way.  

I love to watch relay races.  I marvel at the speed of the runners and how they seem so powerful.  The anchor leg is the final position in a relay race. Typically, the anchor leg of a relay is given to the fastest or most experienced competitor on a team.  It’s awesome to watch.   I imagine God is waiting for the prayers of his children, running life’s  race but sometimes can’t go the distance.  We’re not meant to run it alone; nor were we ever meant to.  We have someone however, who’s waiting to hear the prayers of His children.  And there’s not doubt He can get us to the finish line. 

Take a minute today to write down five blessings.  Ponder them. Is there anything you’ve ever accomplished completely by yourself?  Is there anytime when you cried or just wanted to give up then something or someone interceded;  an answer came from seemingly no where?  Could the worst thing that happened to you, actually been worse?  And although we’re not in control, the one who love us is.  Take the time to look at the time when you struggled through something and came out on the other side, were you strong, wiser, better, because of it?  God’s plan for you isn’t just for today, but things, or people you will face in your future that had you not experienced that hardship, that want, you may not be able to get through.  

You’re going to make it.  You are going to make it!  Go off by yourself in prayer, present that need, hurt, inability, hate, lack of means, emotional or physical abuse to God.  You have someone waiting to jump in and grab the baton, He’s you’re anchor!  Happy Monday!


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