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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I was blessed this Saturday, the day I worship collectively with others, to hear the group,  Men of Worship. Featured in this group is Phil Grayson, a friend of more than 50 years, hailing from from Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

I pray you enjoy their presentation, but more than that, I want you to take note of the vast ages of men in this group and how, in spite of the age differences their song blended together so well because they were able to work collectively and in harmony to achieve this.

This is what impacted me most, beside the fact that Phil still sings like an angel, I might add, after having suffered a massive stroke.

Last week, two friends of ours, Kirk Thompson and Kaestner Robertson, passed away and our hearts were saddened as we recalled how many lives they both blessed and touched with their absolutely anointed musical talents. Neither knew the other. After the initial shock however, I read expressions of love and support sent out via email, texts, etc, for both of them. They never met, lived, or worked in the same areas and yet shared a number of mutual relationships. And that’s the beauty of my church, and yours.

God directs and connects lives. In fact, it was the last prayer of Jesus (John 17) before going to the cross, that we be one like He and His Father. We don’t always get it right, we don’t even always treat each other right, but we are still one. Someone, somewhere is there when death comes, and you’re too numb to move. When you’re feeling you’re all alone, suddenly someone calls to check on you.

When you’re running low on cash and pay checks are not enough to cover the bills, God sends a financial support angel. This isn’t a fantasy blog and neither I, nor anyone else can tell you life is easy and always fair. As a matter of fact, God promises, just the opposite, but this is the deal; He promises today, right now and always, to be there. When someone calls, knocks on your door, texts, in any way to encourage; helps in some way, prays with you and for you, you can believe that was God-sent.

I had the privilege, along with my husband, of raising our children and worshipping with another amazing group of members at Emmanuel Brinklow, SDA church in Maryland, where they gained numerous amounts of surrogate cousins, aunties and uncles all who supported and loved them in some way as we raised them. They were and are, people who prayed for them and loved them as their own, even to this day.

Some of you who are reading my blogs are not members of the Adventist faith or any faith, but please believe, you are God’s amazing, wonderful, loved, child.

Just know this, in my 65 years of life I wouldn’t trade belonging to a family of faith; problems and all. Some of my Facebook friends who aren’t Adventists may see us going through some serious concerns but we’re going to be ok.

Every church, every faith has folk in it who may sometimes cause you pause, and I can imagine God, if you’ll allow me creative license, shaking his head with a loving smile and often deep concern wondering what He’s going to do with us. He even covered that. He sent Jesus. But we are still, all His children. Whether you’re, Pentecostal, as are many of my wonderful family members, Baptist, COGIC, or any God-believing group, you’re blessed!

If you don’t belong to a group of folk who are, maybe give us a chance. If not, just give God one, and He’ll direct you. He’s amazing. For real. Our lives are shaped by experiences and relationships, and the stronger these ties are, the less awful everything else is.

Happy Monday John 17




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