Wait in the Trenches, wait!

Isaiah 40:31  “They  that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings of Eagles.  They  shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint”.

This is a great scriptural promise, shared by many when facing hardship, or encouraging someone else facing life’s difficulties.   Life is sometimes full of them and the seasons seemingly last too long.   We face circumstances that each of us has gone through, is going through,  or will go through, where our abilities, finances or experience doesn’t seem to work to alleviate the hardship.   We do everything but purposely wait on God in expectation of Him, until we’re forced to.  We try to figure out what to do, frantically calling family and friends. And we should most definitely be there to help each other, God requires that of us. But there are some things, some Job things of Gods showing us off, or some testing things, in Jeremiah 17:18. “ I the Lord search the heart, ... I test the mind”.     Our troubles are often, even  the consequences of our own behaviors.   And there’s nothing we or anyone else can do.   And that’s by Gods design.  

God wants us to depend on Him and look to Him first. He can’t be the last resort!    He wants us to learn of Him.  No matter the difficulty, there are lessons to be learned and strengths to be developed.  God however,  is right there.  He doesn’t leave or give up on us when we make foolish choices, or even choose, because of seemingly unanswered prayers, to give up.  

Isaiah shared this message of hope to the Israelites after he had given them repeated warnings of approaching punishment, if their repentance wasn’t forthcoming and idolatry and disobedience ceased.  In fact,  the first message of this chapter is “ Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, says our God.  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and tell her what the future holds.  Her years of captivity are at  an end. Her sins have been forgiven. She has felt the just discipline of the Lord”.   She has felt the just discipline of the Lord!  Yep, we get that sometimes believe it or not.   God disciplines us!  

Whatever you may be facing today however, wait.  Ask God what to do for this day; do that, then wait.  Pray, and  keep praying until the Spirit moves on your heart with instructions on how to handle the problem, until someone calls with the help you need, or until  a way is made out of seemingly now way.  Something, will  happen, answers will come.  I don’t know when, I don’t know how , but God will do what He said.  Your job, our job, is to wait; for a moment, a day,  a month,  a year; wait.  In the meantime give thanks and praise.  God’s got you;  wait.  Wait in hope, wait in anticipation, wait!   

Happy Monday 



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