Today we Pray - 8/24

Today we come our Father, as we have lost big time.  We ache.  We didn’t see this coming and it’s shaken us to the core.  So we come, to you who sees all, knows all and will help us through even this.   In Jesus name our source of hope, we come.  We’re

numb, we’re confused, and so we pause.  When one life impacts so many, in such positive ways we must give pause.  We must.   Step in today, Father God step in please.  Use us, use this tragic loss to shake us, and move us back to you.   Help us see the reason to do our best.  Help us understand how important it is to not hold grudges and to forgive.  May we be drawn to light instead of wallowing in anger, self pity and fighting.  May this loss, this great loss of an extraordinary young man and others,  teach us the value of a day, a moment, and help us with each moment to not waste time!  Some won’t get it, that’s on them.  We pray for them too.   Today we cry and then we’ll dry our tears and seek to do our very best. Today we’ll remember, today we’ll pray for those loved ones left behind suffering unimaginable pain.   Today we remember Kobe Bryant, and live in love;  love to work, love to help, love to heal, love to never give up!   Today oh, God, we pray.  In Jesus name, our only hope for anything worth while, we pray, as we remember  Kobe, 8/24. 

Happy Monday, we’ll get through this!


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