Things Hoped For

Let me introduce you to Kaira.   Kaira is three years old and knows exactly what she wants.  I love my time with Kaira because for some reason when it’s  just the two of us, especially without her siblings, she talks non stop and has all my attention.  Let me insert this right here;  Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

Kaira and I have three special loves in common; our love of  books and movies, and most importantly, shopping.  Kaira loves to shop, even if we don’t purchase a thing, that’s where we slightly differ, I just remembered it’s called window shopping!  I can do it but I don’t like it.  But I’ve concluded, her loving to shop without making a purchase, adds a different level to who she is and is becoming, if that doesn’t change.   

So this is our conversation one Friday morning after dropping her mom off for work. “Auntie I’m hungry”.  Me, “ok let’s go get some breakfast”.   Kaira, ”Ok auntie. Then after that we can go to the library”?  Ok Kaira, I say.   Kaira, ”Then after that, can we go to the store to look at toys?  I’d like some toys for my Christmas birthday.”   Me; “Kaira your birthday and Christmas are different times”.   Kaira, “Yes but I want a Christmas birthday “.  Me , “Well Kaira, we’ll see.  I won’t say yes,  but I won’t say no”.   Kaira...  “yeah”. And she begins to clap with such enthusiasm I begin to laugh.  So I asked “Kaira, Why are you clapping?  I didn’t say yes because I don’t know how much time we have,  and I may not have enough money to buy anything today”.  “Oh that’s OK”auntie, she says happily, “ you didn’t say no”!  Wow!  She was excited about hope.

Now faith; believing the possibilities of something, is the substance;  actuality, reality, of things hoped for...

I laughed and laughed but I also wanted to cry.  Why, because she knows at three, what I now, too often, struggle with.  Now in all fairness to me, I have life concerns she’s yet to have to deal with, but really, that’s a cop out;  because I also have proof positive of answered prayer, protection, and too many things I have been given and experienced that I most definitely do not deserve!  You probably do too.  She believed in the  possibility,  and that,  in and of itself,  gave her joy.   Kaira knows I lover her.  Kaira knows how often I have said yes to her many many requests.  And so with as much joy and enthusiasm as if I’d said yes, she puts her hand together and claps with glee!  She already sees us going and her heart is elated. 

As Monday is coming or has already started,depending when you’re reading, you have hopes, concerns, and yes, even fears.  You may not have slept too well,  concerned about something God told you to give to Him and leave it, but you just couldn’t.  You may have had a call in the night, discovered something this morning, faced with something you received in the mail.  You’re hoping for help, healing, answers, and possibly all of the above.  Start really believing in Gods love for you as you remember the times He’s come through, changed a character flaw, healed , helped, sent messages of encouragement, abled you to succeed in something.  Start thanking, start clapping, see it, believe it, even telling God you don’t believe, if you don’t, but want to.  Ask Him for the faith you need to believe, and the heart to not subdue it when problems or disappointments come. Trust Him today, let faith grow big and bright and strong deep in your soul. Dare to be a Daniel, a Joseph and yes, even a Kaira! Happy Monday, you are loved!

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