Things are Changing

John 17:20. “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in me, through their word, that they may all be one...”

It’s time! I have White , Southern Asian, and Brown friends on my page and in real life; they know me, and I know them! But for those who see me on this page or attend a church service or two with me and others who look like me, and don’t know me, or mine, it would do well for you to take a good look.

I have friends who have been disappointed at the response of their white friends and acquaintances and unfortunately even had to dissolve the relationship because of current events; that’s sad. I don’t have to do that. Why? Because my non African American friends have taken the time to read a book or two about me and mine. My non Black friends, asked the difficult racial questions with the intent to understand and not assume! My White and Brown friends know that I’m Black, and see me! My non Black friends don’t think I should be like them, in order to be like Jesus, to be respected, or to be valued. My non Black friends are friends beyond the boundaries of a religion that supports duality of expressing true feelings.

It’s time. Black Christians, start speaking truth, stop pretending, and tolerating. Call folk out and teach them, cause too many don’t know! That’s why there’s such dismay, shock, and anger amongst non Blacks regarding current events. Too many had their heads in the sand! Too many heard the stories of black men and boys being killed and honestly believed it’s what they deserved, they thought, “ surely the officers were good men maintaining law and order”. And now with eyes wide open, see men, good men and boys hunted down like animals, women innocently killed, murdered just because they’re Black. And yes too many just didn’t care as long as life was good for them. But Christianity, true Christianity at its core is about living for the sake of others! Period! But not at the expense of ones self. Black people starting loving yourselves! The self God intended you to be, not the sin part, not the part wanting to reflect the demonic part of others! But your beautiful,talented, abundantly blessed Black selves!

I listen to my friends who matriculated in non HBCU’s. and I’m heartbroken even beyond the anger I feel that they even attended predominantly white “Christian” schools”. I take children to one where the teachers can’t even pronounce their last name. Where they refuse to try. Where one teacher gives the black boy a “special” name of goof ball and when asked the special name of the other children, they have none, just their own name! Where right now so many who have dared matriculate, have horror stories and those who work there, the same!

We have been separated even as a people and many of us don’t grasp the pain of our darker skinned sisters and brothers and hurt because of cruelty inflicted upon them! Can you imagine the pain of seeing your sister not considered for positions because of her looks, or having a lighter skinned person considered more “acceptable”? Can you imagine the conflict that occurs in our souls having to remind ourselves we are one and not buying into the lie of one being better because of the skin shade or grade of hair, or different facial and physical features? Can you understand how that division causes jealousy, hate and generational conflict and trauma?

So before you express another thought about any thing African American related , read a daggone book, and ask some questions. God did not want me to be anything like you except for the love part. I don’t have to sing like you, look like you , think like you or even worship like you to be like Jesus. You can’t give two cents worth of opinion because you have no sense of knowledge or understanding!And this is not hate talk! I don’t hate you! I desire to love and be loved. But don’t get it twisted, I’m neither desperate nor needy! I just want you to not express your opinion about those you know nothing about! It’s time.

No Christian should ever be able say non Christians treat them better! Shame on us. All of us! Wake up White people and others who call yourselves Christians. Black people wake up and stop being so excited about being part of a community that disrespects you and start being about us! “By us and for us”and that doesn’t mean excluding others, but let’s start focusing on us! Start telling folk when they hurt and offend you, and assume things about you that aren’t true. Sometimes they really don’t know! We can talk about them but Christianity means sometimes having hard conversations, to bring unity. Christianity has been confused with being punks, or trying to emulate others. Jesus was no punk! Jesus corrected in love. We have to know there are too many claiming Christianity with the intent to destroy, know your enemy! Stop walking in stupid. It’s time!

As you contemplate the coming week remember this prayer of Jesusfor all his children ; that we would be one in purpose and love. It’s time.

Happy Monday

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