The Lion's Den of Life

When I was in the lions den, I thought, what shall I do The time had come for me to see if God I really knew At first, I took it with a smile when life had dumped me in For many times before that day, I’d pledged my trust in Him

But as the days, they came and went and there was no escape I found my faith start growing dim, and on God, could no longer wait. My heart, it pounded frantically, surrounded deep in fear I felt God turned His back on me, my prayers he could no longer hear.

With all the knowledge I had gained in Sabbath School, and such, and all the times that I had prayed, come close enough to feel his touch; this life became too much for me, for I never really thought, that I’d be tested quite so hard and it  could be so tough. 

I never thought I’d lose my friends, family I’d be without.  I never dreamed of so much pain, or God’s love I could ever doubt. I never knew that “Christian” folk would try to tear me down. It didn’t occur to me I’d have to suffer for my crown.

I didn’t know that I could cry for days and never stop. I never thought I’d be this weak and think of giving up. You see, I said I trusted Him and loved to praise His name. Life’s lions eyes, and gnarly teeth, had caused me so much pain

The roar, it thundered loud and clear and echoed in my soul So deep within I lost the Spirit, that once was in control I soon forgot the trust I pledged, the faith I had proclaimed The joy that came from simple praise and calling on God’s name

The fact God said he’d never leave, from fear could set me free The fact that he had sent his son to die on Calvary’s tree The power he had given me to conquer any den The Spirit he had given me, the strength I had within

Eventually because of prayer, I looked enough to see An outstretched arm to pull me up, a hand reached out to set me free I only had to keep my faith, rest on his every word and pray Then fix my eyes on Jesus Christ and trust he’d make a way

God has not left you Happy Monday



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