The Last Time I Cry

I sometimes watch the show “The Doctors,” as I’m very interested in all things relating to physical health, mental health, and beauty. On one particular show, they aired the story of a woman who had been falsely convicted of killing her infant child, and imprisoned for 29 years. Her only other daughter, who was three years old at the time of the murder, had to be raised in Foster care. It wasn’t until after 26 years she was able to get an attorney to even look at her case. It took another few years to exonerate her. The woman’s lawyer contacted the show and the daughter who by now had only spoken to her on the phone, agreed to meet for the first time in 29 years, on the show. Of course there was not a dry eye in the place. It was an amazing reunion.

At the age of seven, my sister and I lost our mother to tuberculosis but were separated from her prior to that. I was five and Theresa was 11. It seems The state of Colorado has the best facilities for tb patients so the family moved her there. Because of its danger, my sister and I could no longer safely be around her. No more hugs and kisses, hair combing, singing together or stories. Fortunately, we were able to be raised by her mother, my grandmother, Eugenia Green, but the loss was just as deep and had lifelong effects.

Three years ago, my father, Noel Leader was surrounded by his children as we said goodbye to a giant of a man. I once again felt the heartache of loosing a parent.

Today my heart aches as children are separated from their parents because of fear of people coming to live in this country to find what they believed was a better life. Separated simply because of their ethnicity.

Many of you have lost loved ones and there’s no way to escape the emotional damage that comes with it, especially for children. I’m glad for God’s promises in his word and for the love of family and friends. I’m especially happy for trained and able counselors and therapists who participate in the healing process.

But can you just imagine the reunions we will have when Jesus comes? I’m sure there will be an ocean of tears; tears of joy for reunions long overdue. There will be no more miscarriages of justice on anyone’s life. There will no longer be disease to separate loved ones. Children will no longer suffer the effects of long term separation, because of illness or foolish unjust laws. They will no longer be confused about what real love is. I know those feelings all to well and so do many of you.

A most prolific writer, Eleanor Wright, penned in song, the joy that will come from those reunions : “ I cry when I’m happy, and I cry when I’m sad. I cry about the good times and I cry about the bad. And I’m sure when I get to Heaven there’ll be teardrops in my eyes but that will be the last time I will cry”.

I’m so grateful as I go about my days, to know that one day my siblings and I, like many of you, will see our loved ones who have died and all too soon taken from us. I’m so glad, that because of Jesus, we will surely have a chance to be with them again and it will truly, truly be the last time we will cry. We have this hope.

Revelation 21:4





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