Ten Things

Psalm 145

Monday morning, and who wants to wake up to a pan,daggone,demic ? And yet, here we are! I’ll repeat that, here we are! We’re alive, reading, breathing, communicating, working, laughing together, crying together,and serving a God who is keeping us. Let’s be clear, He’s keeping us even when we’re not good, not obedient, not loving. So, Happy Monday. I know this is a seriously different, season, a difficult time of testing, and to be clear, I sometimes struggle even writing these messages. But somehow, God shows me something so amazing, so like Him, a reminder of who He is and His love for me, and I have to share. I’m compelled to share.

Today, I was asked the question, “What are ten things you are thankful for?” What are things that you’re clear, if it weren’t for God, you wouldn’t have or experience? What are the ten things that if you’re honest, you know you had little, or nothing to do with, and yet it’s part of your life. What are just ten things that you’ve accomplished in spite of so many obstacles placed in your way; and when almost giving up, you pray, and suddenly, things turned around, you “figured” something out? Ten things!

I won’t be long today, because today, you’re writing. Today I ask you, what are ten things you’re thankful for? Today contemplate the goodness of God in what seems to be the most catastrophic experience we have collectively experienced. So this is the Happy Monday blog for today, your life, listing the unmerited favor from the One who loves you most! I’ll start the list: We woke up, with life, there’s hope! Start writing! Ten things! Happy Monday!

Happy Monday


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