TASTE AND SEE! My Happy Prayer!

Psalm 34:8. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the (one) man who trusts in Him.

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. ??? Taste- to become acquainted with as by experience! If I experience you, oh God, I will see you are good. I will know that you do love me, and I do matter to you. If I open the Book and seek you and I press in prayer, you won’t let me down. If I put you first and last in my thoughts, You won’t forsake me. You will move in me and for me, working everything out for me. I will taste, Oh God. I will seek and find you, so I can taste and see. I’m trusting in you!

The sun still shines, the flowers bloom. The mountains are awesomely majestic and take my breath away. You’ve got to be there, no matter what other distractions come. You’re here! I will trust! Thank you. In Jesus name. Amen.

Today oh Sovereign God, do for those who read this, what only you can for each one. You are more powerful than sickness and want. You are stronger and mighty oh God and your love never ends! No situation is impossible for you to handle. No not one! Hallelujah! Thank you.

So today here we are. We will put down the pastry, bread, and chips that fill us with comfort. We will set aside the alcohol and weed, that calm us. We will put away hour upon hour of watching videos and internet that take us to a world of fantasy. We will find you, look to you, and trust that your word is more comforting, more exciting, more calming than anything set up for us to fail. We will put our trust in you! You promised! So we come. We will taste and we WILL see!

Today on Monday, I will taste, so I can see! You’re invited!

Happy Monday! #noelettesings


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