Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I had a horrible past few weeks and yet I was alone, really alone with God!  I’ve actually had a season of 10 challenging testing, years of God fixing this very broken vessel. How bad could that be?  So I prayed, and prayed and prayed.  

Yesterday, I went to celebrate the holidays with my sister friends.  Some of you see the pictures of our monthly celebrations.  I bet you think, “wow, look at those women doing so well out there in California.  Hanging out, no cares, no worries,  always having fun”.   

You’re so funny...not!  So today I decided to post, because after our celebration, after my many weeks of things going down the toilet, something happened.  Not for the first time, and not for the last.  You see, one of us is seriously ill, ill where only prayer will help, others of us are each going through or coming out of some serious stuff.  Some of us are loosing or have lost all sources of income. We’ve lost housing, friends,.  And yes, sometimes the strength to pray.

Today my post is late because I felt I had nothing to say.  God woke me up at 3ish and I went to the bathroom, got back in bed and covered up my head. So as I dozed back to sleep He reminded me of a commitment we made when the party ended.  We decided to fast and pray for our friend. After making the suggestion, I timidly asked for prayer for myself.  I got back “here” alone, refreshed from the day, and got a text from another sister, angel,  “thinking of you and covering you in prayer, even now”!  Wow thank you God.  Then another text came through, yes, I will pray and fast, and Noelette, you’re covered too.  And on and on.  

Last evening I received a call from my partner in this venture, Heloise, who is young enough to be my child, asking me how I was, walking through a plan for this part of my very uncertain life, well I have no idea of God’s plan! We spoke of how God, through another dear friend even brought us together.  This morning I got a text from an adopted neice, wanting to put me on a particular list that would include me a blessing.   I realized this is what we do...sisters, mothers, aunties, friends.  We pray for, fast for, cry with, shop with, share with, support each other!  This is not to exclude the wonderful men in our lives,  but women, women are amazing. We aren’t often considered, but we consider each other!  We’re often forgotten, but we remember  each other.  

Someone today,  is praying for you.  Listen to me!  SOMEONE, SOME SISTER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, COUSIN, FRIEND IS PRAYING FOR YOU!  Hold on to that and start praising God. He will answer, just start praising. You’ll get through this hour, this day this week.  You think you don’t have a sister,  yes you do.  Call her,  thank her, pray with her and for her. Don’t stop and do not give up!  We need each other. You are NOT alone. And if you think you are, go to,  email us and we will respond. For real. Someone is praying for you!  As 2018 ends, and 2019 begins, I plan to cover with my team as many places as God opens doors.  God is doing an amazing thing and we want you to be a part of it. NOTHING CAN BEAT A PRAYER!  Vision yourself in each photo and know we celebrate us and we celebrate you!  



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