Hey friends.  Some of you may have noticed in this pandemic I’ve missed a couple Mondays.  This hasn’t been intentional. You see, I’ve had some serious questions about the current situation in the world.  We all have.  I’ve seen how humanity is pulling together and it warms my heart.   Unfortunately, however, we’re experiencing the all too much horror of way too many people and it’s overwhelming.  Sometimes, well, probably more often than not,  we want to blame someone or a series of events when something bad happens. We don’t see how our lives could be so profoundly interrupted with such catastrophic results and not ask the question why.  But we also find ourselves, well, at least I do,  no only asking why, but how did this happen and who’s to blame?  Even those who profess to not believe in God, suddenly blame Him or ask those of us who do believe, where is He now?  Questions!  Another question, I asked is this:  what does God expect of me in this?  What does God want!  If He’s seeing this, causing this, allowing it,  what is His purpose for me?   Can I trust Him?  How  can I be a better me when this is over?  What can I accomplish to make this all make sense?  And most importantly, Who can I help?  

When I wake up each morning, I pray.  I’ll be honest, I used to sometimes ask God why did you wake me up today?  Not the kind of why as to what’s next Lord, but the kind of why as to say, what’s the point God?  If today is going to be as trying as yesterday, then why, why not just let me sleep till Jesus comes kind of why.  I don’t suffer from depression.  I suffer from being tired of what’s been going on in the world for far too long.  I’m tired of the too many downs and too few ups.  I don’t wish to take my life.  I just want to the world to stop being so crazy.  I want people to be decent and caring and those who worship God to actually do what He says, kind of why.   And let’s face it,  I want to be what I expect others  to be and find I am not.   

So when I woke up one morning a few days into this pandemic, I did what I usually do,  started the day with prayer,  read a devotional thought,  and I turned to the Bible.  I just opened it and began read.  Here’s the first text I came to:   Revelation 10:11. “Gods people will be happy to know that the Lord is coming back, but first they must take the gospel to every race, language, nationality and people”.  Now be clear I have heard this forever so the charge was familiar.  However, I don’t remember seeing this in Revelation like this.  I don’t remember it impacting me like it did.   I was moved to do, to look past my plans, my needs and hopes and see that this was a message, a charge to me!  God are you talking to me?  Do you know my limitations?  How do I do that?  And what does that literally look like for me?  

Like many of you, I find myself communicating via text, face time, and zoom which I only discovered during this lockdown, but I’m communicating with so many more people daily!  I’m reaching more people, we’re reaching more people.  In a conversation with my son,  my children and I talk a lot!  They’ve taught me much!  Anyway,  he said there are 7.5 billion people in the world.  In just our Adventist denomination, there are 2.5 million members, and for the sake of reality, we’ll say only 2 million active, or practicing.   There are masses of Christians given the same charge in other Christian  denominations.   If we, in only our denomination respond to the charge,  each of us will only need to reach 300 people!  The average number of fb friends each person has is between 300-500!  So if each of us, Adventist, Baptist’s, and all other Christians, show Gods love to say,150 to 300 people, tell people about Jesus, teach Him, through our love, so they’re clear,  the work will be done!  Jesus will come!   Hey people, do we want this?  Are we ready for Jesus to come?  

So here’s the next question.  Will you help me, with the Revelation charge?  Will you help me by sharing my posts with as many people as you can. Will you share my web address,, with those who may need encouragement, who may need to have hope, to show they are not alone in this?  Will you share my music and the music of others, share videos and sermons of those who have blessed you?   Will you do whatever you can in this time of testing, to encourage someone, to tell them about Jesus and show them, through your love, who He is and that He exists?  Will you invite others to your zoom meetings and live stream services?  Will you focus on doing what you need to be a better, more productive you and boldly ask God for help, expecting real answers?   Can I help you in some way,  as together we purposefully seek to reach to world?  Are you ready for Jesus to come?  

After reading the Revelation text over a few times, I randomly turned to this;  Psalm 50:15 “ Call on me in the time of trouble,  I will deliver you and you will be an honor to my name”.  That’s not a maybe statement.  It’s a do this, and I’ll do that, command.  And so, without question,  but with faith, I did it and I’m doing it.   It’s working!  He delivers from fear, from anger, arrogance, from poverty, from disease, from those things in us that aren’t like Him.  But He also provides, he protects, he keeps his promises daily.   GET EXCITED! Prove Him!  Even if answers don’t come like we want, it’s going to work out,  and for our good!  You know the promise!  

Last question, what will it take to have No More Blues on Monday Morning?  

Let’s see!   

Happy Monday!


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