Pray, Study, Praise, Repeat

It’s been said we should pray until something happens.  I’ve heard it so many times.  In fact,  the Word of God, in Luke 18:1-8, and so many other books chapters and verses; suggests that we do just that.   So often we read the Bible stories  and think they’re in real time;  such that when our prayers are not immediately answered or experienced in the time we intend for God to answer, we give up.  We declare Him,  even if only in our minds, a liar or at best, accuse Him of not loving us!    But the Bible makes clear that often we have to wait on the answers; days, weeks,  months, even years.  It just depends on what He deems  best.  Never in Gods word however, do the writers suggest giving up.  Even if our prayers aren’t His will, if we keep at it, I believe our hearts become in tune with His will; acceptance with joy.  And sometimes often to our surprising dismay, He gives us exactly what we ask for!  Then we learn to seek His will!   He answers prayer!  Even death is not a statement of no, it’s “wait”,  “the dead in Christ shall rise”.   We wouldn’t know it to be true if there wasn’t anyone to be resurrected. We will see them again. Answered prayer!  A precious promise!

It’s a crazy time we live in and many are alone either completely or for long periods of time.  Sometimes you might feel alone  with family right there! Today I’d like to suggest that we take the time, the chance, to pray, to study, to praise, and not stop there!  

Keep it up. All during the day and even night; pray study praise repeat!   In between working, and all the zoom visits, or whatever your day looks like; present your requests, your joys your needs, your longings to God. Praise Him for what He’s already done and for what you’ve asked of Him!   Praise Him for the healing of the one whose symptoms display that healing is impossible.  Praise Him for the financial blessing that you may not, even according to human standards, deserve, or need. Pray for those loved ones whose lives display behaviors of those who just seem to  want to be lost!  Pray.   Pray for the habits you have that you swear are ok because “that’s how you were born” and yet you know they are not Gods will for His children.  Pray.  Pray for the impossible, expect the incredible, and like the Clark sisters say; believe in miracles!  Trust that the answers given are absolutely from the One who loves you most!  

We’re really not alone, you’re really not alone!   So let’s start out by asking God to show you in such a way that you can understand and believe.  We’re all different and God is so amazingly loving and understanding that He has answers tailor made for you!  Today my prayer for you is that you not give up.  Persevere as if your life depends on it, because it does!   Your life and the life of  each person you are to bless,  depends on this!  


Happy Monday!

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