Pray (again)

1Thessalonians 5:17. Pray without ceasing.

 “Pray and don’t stop”.   Remain in the mindset of prayer.  I’ve blogged about prayer before, I know, and I’m not running out of topics to discuss.  But while praying today, I remembered two particular conversations on the matter.  One many years ago, that encouraged me, and one, just last evening, troubled me, so I wanted to share. We hear about prayer a lot, we talk about prayer a lot and yet, we don’t pray enough.  We make it the last alternative to life instead of the first choice.  We talk to everyone except the One who created us.  It’s a bit silly I think, or scary depending on your perspective.  

It occurred to me that too many of us don’t understand that our “worthiness” has nothin to do with Gods love or willingness to hear the prayers of all His children; yes, the good, the bad, the ugly, of us all.  Who you are and where you are in your life today doesn’t determine if God will hear you.  Pray!  If you don’t trust, Him pray.  If you’re living a life, you feel compromises your relationship with Him, pray.  Pray about everything. Nothing is too ugly, immoral, or broken to bring to Pappa!   

Philippians 4:6. Don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything ...let your requests be made known to God.    

I was going to give up on prayer at one time because I felt, that, though, she’d answered my prayers so many times, no, scratch that, all the time, it didn’t feel like was there for me any more.  I felt like my life at the time was  too much of a  disappointment to Him and He’d given up on me.  I’ve come to know however, that who I am at any given time has nothing to do with who God is; He doesn’t change.  Today I might be a disappointment to myself and others, or I might be in the best of places in every way, it doesn’t matter; God hears, God answers.  

Jesus I’m told, is interceding for us, daily, constantly, and where would we be without that?  There is power in prayer.  Belonging to a church a club, and organization pales in comparison to just praying and studying , one on one, you and God.  Sometimes we’re so focused on what others think, or taught us how to think and pray we’re stifled in our prayers and our relationship with Her.  You see, God really does hear, God really does care and God really does answer!  Period. God answers prayer.   

I’m no scholar on the subject of prayer.   I am, however,one whose prayers have been answered over and over again!  I can’t tell you the difference between the prayers of the “righteous” as opposed to the unrighteous, because any righteousness we’re labeled with, is given to us, we didn’t and don’t deserve it.   It’s called righteousness imputed!   I can’t even tell you when or if there’s a time limit , I’ll ask the “non believing”  thief on the cross when I get to Heaven.   I can say this, and you can actually take this to the bank;  if today you take the time to pray and seek Gods will, favor, help, whatever, He’s  going to hear!  I don’t know how, why, or the end result for you, but He will hear!  And if He hears, why wouldn’t she help?  Psalm 50:15. “Call upon Me in the day of trouble;  I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me”.  Pray; we have  a way, through God, because of Jesus, by His Spirit,  when it seems there’s no way!  So pray!  Happy Monday!  

(By the way, my usage of God in both genders is deliberate. See God how you see her or him, just see!  My use of Pappa, taken from “The Shack”, is my way of fully grasping, the belief that He is our Father.)

Get to know the One  who loves you more than anyone could possibly love!  Pray!  Happy Monday and be safe!  



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