Open your eyes, open your ears, open your heart and love

We never know where or how messages from the God who loves us will come. We see it in all kinds of places. If we look with unbiased vision and our hearts are open to receive , we can be blessed abundantly from unexpected people and places.

I was writing down my morning prayer today, mostly thanking God. Really. I’ve been sick for twelve days, since Christmas. It’s so good first, to be here and secondly, to breathe—literally. Yep. This flu thing was no joke! Anyway, at the end of my prayer I asked God for love: to be a lover of people, and to be able to receive it. I asked Him to help us love each other like He loves us. Then, guess whose song came to mind. It wasn’t a hymn, it wasn’t a gospel song. It was Burt Bacharach’s “What The World Needs Now”. Anyone remember him? I can hear Dionne Warwick singing that song now, and my college campus mom, Beverly Jenkins, who could not only sing it but play it! And yet, when it came out, when I was only a teenager and didn’t understand those lyrics. “What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. What the world needs now is love sweet love, No not just for some, but for everyone.” Wow. But for everyone! “We don’t need another mountain, another hillside, another ocean”. We need love!

I just thought of another amazing artist, Mr Stevie Wonder! Have you listened to some of his lyrics? I mean really listened! Wow, an amazing, God-touched artist with a message! Then there’s nature. I look out my window I’m wowed every day . Truly. I’m in awe of these mountains surrounding the city. I can’t get over them. Some often snow kissed and made more beautiful. I laugh saying this because if you know me, all I could say before I got to California was that I hated it! My heart was closed with preconceptions that would have caused me to miss out on awesome beauty here that draws me every day closer to God. Really. I’ve seen mountains and oceans but not like this! And some of these trees! Wow. Truly!

What I’m trying to say is if you open your heart your mind your eyes and your ears and take in, without bias, those messages today God has especially for you, you’ll be amazed and abundantly blessed. In our storms, He provides that which keeps us. It may not be a mountain a song or an ocean. It may be a child looking lovingly and innocently into your eyes. It may be an encouraging text message or call. And it may be from an unexpected person or thing. Be open to all the possible daily blessings. Be open to receive! He hasn’t and He will never forget or forsake you. Don’t get me wrong , life and people can be absolutely horrible. However, if you really focus on keeping yourself open to it, joy comes, blessings manifest, something makes you smile and even laugh. Just open your eyes your ears your heart. Block out the mess that may be around you and let God handle that; even the mess you’ve created. Look at the blessings. Often they’ll come from a most unlikely source. So don’t limit yourself to who you know or expect from. Trust God, receive it. It’s a God gift! See Him, feel him and then just thank him. Open your eyes; open your ears, open your hearts to love and be loved.

Happy Monday



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