Not so Hidden Treasure 

I know, I know, today is Wednesday, I’m late. On Sunday I was fully prepared to write the usual blog. I woke up ready to go. I sat for some minutes and a message that couldn’t be ignored came to me; I laughed as it took over my thoughts. “ How are you ready to write, when you haven’t talked to me,Cohen I haven’t told you, what to write, when I haven’t inspired you? What wisdom can you impart on your own?” All I could do was stop, laugh and say, “God, you’re absolutely correct, I’m sorry”. You see, just for one brief moment, I forgot the rule, “share nothing unless I give it to you! My bad. So today, I share God inspired messages He gave to some of my favorite authors, which for this week are words I’m impressed He wants us all to hear. These are some not so hidden treasures, that have blessed me particularly for now. Be blessed, be encouraged! Treasure 1: As we look into Daniel’s prayer life, we learn some valuable lessons. First, we should persist in prayer, even when our petitions are not answered immediately. Second, we should devote time to pray for others. There is something special about intercessory prayers. Remember that “the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends” (Job 42:10, NKJV). Third, prayer prompts God to do something concrete and real. So, let us pray always, all kinds of prayers. In the face of unbearable trials, big problems, and overwhelming challenges, let us take our burdens to God in prayer (Eph. 6:18). (Adventist, community study guide. SSQ, Sunday, March 8) Treasure 2: “Do what People of the Promise do. Keep coming to Jesus. Even though the trail is dark. Even though the sun seems to sleep. Even though everyone else is silent, walk to Jesus. Mary Magdalene did this. No, she didn’t comprehend the promise of Jesus. She came looking for a dead Jesus, not a living one. But at least she came. And because she came to him, he came to her. And you? You’ll be tempted to give up and walk away. But don’t. Even when you don’t feel like it, keep walking the trail to the empty tomb. Open your Bible. Meditate on Scripture. Sing hymns. Talk to other believers. Place yourself in a position to be found by Jesus, and listen carefully. That gardener very well might be your Redeemer. Weeping comes. It comes to all of us. Heartaches leave us with tear-streaked faces and heavy hearts. Weeping comes. But so does joy. Darkness comes, but so does the morning. Sadness comes, but so does hope. Sorrow may have the night, but it cannot have our lives”. (Max Lucado, Unshakable Hope) Treasure 3: Psalm 50:15. Call on me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you, and you will honor my name. At the end of this world wide test, Joy will come and Gods name will be glorified! “He invites us to present to Him our perplexities and necessities, and our need of divine help. He bids us be instant in prayer. As soon as difficulties arise, we are to offer to Him our sincere, earnest petitions. By our importunate prayers we give evidence of our strong confidence in God. The sense of our need leads us to pray earnestly, and our heavenly Father is moved by our supplications.” (Ellen White) I am encouraged today as I know you’re out there, seeking to navigate another day of world wide “lock down”. You’ve already been through some stuff, long before this time. This will not break you, if you continue to keep your focus on the “problem solver”. This is no worse than what you’ve had to deal with before, and you’re still here! Only now more people are sharing this experience together! You’ve got this because Gods got you! No one person is in control. No circumstance is too difficult for God. Focus on the words from my shared treasures, and be blessed. Pray, study, read. Make some long overdue calls, exercise, paint, write a song or two, write a poem, face time with friends and family, DO NOT DESPAIR. DO NOT WITHDRAW. Once again, say it with me..., We’ve got this, why? Because Gods got us!

Happy Monday. 🤣 #noelettesings

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