No More Monday Blues!

Some years ago, Paul Williams and Roger Nichols wrote the song “Rainy days and Mondays”. The lyrics came about as Nichols recalled a season of want shared by he and his mom.

For the Carpenters, the brother and sister duo who made it famous, this song evoked sadness from a relationship gone bad. “Talking to myself and feeling old, sometimes I’d like to quit, nothin, ever seems to fit, hanging around, nothin to do but frown , rainy days and Mondays always get me down. What I’ve got they used to call the blues, nothing is really wrong, feeling like I don’t belong, rainy days and Mondays always get me down”.

For quite some time, in my season of testing, Mondays for me, made more evident in my mind, the reality of what I believed were my many failures. Sabbaths I could be Ike everyone else and Sunday’s was the day I felt allowed to brake from productivity, allowed to chill, to watch movies, to do nothing; but when Monday came and I had nothing to do, I died inside; no job to go to, no concerts or engagements to practice for, no family to care for.

Rainy days I could handle, but Mondays, no! We all have seasons in life and often they are seasons of testing. For me, in those seasons, I tend to pray more, study more and exercise a lot! Even when I was working out I’d find myself praying, praying that God wouldn’t let satan take me.

You see, I put unnecessary pressure on my own self and needed a serious attitude change and more importantly a trust change. Meaning , I stopped trusting when my strength and my ability failed. I hated Mondays. Monday made more clear to me,my nothingness. Yes Monday got me down.

So, why the blog? Well, we can’t do anything about that rain thing, nor can we stop Monday from coming. But maybe, together we can make those days a little bit brighter as we learn to walk by faith and not sight. Interestingly Nichols’ mother, after reading the lyrics, said this, “ It will be ok son, God always has a purpose”. And that’s the point! if you’re going though something today and it seems like it’s impossible for you, just remember, it’s not for God. He has a purpose and He truly, truly has a plan. Your God, our God is sovereign. He sees everything, he knows everything, and nothing is impossible for him! Find your way to Him, stay in His presence, come as you are, and don’t let go. God has a plan ! Happy Monday!


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