My Translation #1

Based on Habakkuk 3:17-19

“Find something to do till I come back for you”. “Do it so well and in such a way, that those who don’t know Me see Me in you”. “Maybe someone will join us because of how you behave, in good times and in bad”. Don’t worry too much about how others respond to life; just follow the instructions in the book I left. If you have any concerns or just want to talk, then talk. I’m always listening. Really. You won’t see me but I’m always here with you. Down here, I’m the Holy Spirit, don’t deny my existence, I’m all you have down here. There are many like you, you’re not alone. Ask for discernment so you won’t be fooled as to who’s mine and who’s not! I’ll help navigate every part of your life! Things are happening even when you don’t understand. So hold on. “I’m coming back to get you” I’M COMING BACK TO GET YOU! - Jesus!

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Translation #4

Philippians 4:6-8 Don’t be filled with mental stress from fear of anything. In every aspect of life, pray. Pray and leave whatever is causing the anxiety at the throne of grace. Pray immediately!