Monday's Schedule

Good morning!  It’s Monday.  Study His word so you can know Him.  PRAY, in Jesus name.  Thank Him, in Jesus name.  Ask forgiveness, in Jesus name.  Tell Him your fears, concerns, even the problems you may have caused, in Jesus name.  It’s ok. God knows his children.  Don’t get up until you’ve given everything to Him.   If you begin to start thinking about the problems, pray again.  He’ll send help, or open a door, or show you what to do.  Exercise, no really, exercise.  If you’re overweight,  if you’re underweight, if you’re the right weight, EXERCISE, MOVE , five days a week for at least 45 minutes. And throughout the day,  Move!   If you have a job, do it like He’s your boss.  If you don’t, look, but look trusting.  Then wait, He can provide. Help somebody.  Yes, over the phone, however you can, help somebody.  Whatever you face today , God knows!  Trust Him, don’t give up on Him.  Walk in obedience, even if it’s hard. 

Forgive someone, even if it’s yourself.  Forgive.  Do your best, to Him have this day;  each day.    EXERCISE.  NO REALLY EXERCISE.  Remember your body is a temple. Leave toxic people alone!  Speak in love, be honest.  If fear begins to rise, pray again.  You will never only be living just for you,  even if you live alone and may not have a family.  Your life isn’t just about you.  Hope in God, trust in God,  wait on God. 


Happy Monday. Let me get started!



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