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2 Chronicles 7:13, 14

When I shut up heaven and there is no rain (drought); or command the locust to devour the land (famine); or send pestilence among my people ( a contagious or infectious epidemic, that is devastating).  If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray; and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS,  then...

I’ve read this text in various translations and commentaries trying to discover why so many religious leaders, and many of you,  only quote verse 14!   Reading verse 13 and the reason behind this, changes the entire understanding of this most important message for us.  Verse 14, read alone suggests that God doesn’t punish, that He’s just aware, and allows!   Who told you that?   Quoting verse 14 alone, diminishes the parent-child, God- created being, relationship.   God punishes!  God corrects, sometimes harshly. 

Today I pray WE GET IT!   We can’t serve God based on how we feel. He calls us to obedience, to holiness, and provides the way; (Jude 24,25 Now unto Him, who is able to  keep you from falling...  ); wow isn’t He good!   But do not get it twisted, remember the flood?   It’s not for me or anyone to do anything but get myself in check.  It’s not for me or anyone,  but to love others,  and when they understand that love, share truth for the purpose of helping not breaking.  Don’t be confused,  God breaks, God corrects, God punishes, sometimes severely!   

And as much as He punishes, He blesses!   

So this pandemic right here...God!  And if all we’re  doing is pointing fingers and not seeking, each one of us, to give ourselves over to Christ instead of justifying hate, refusing to forgive one another, condemning without attempts to love,  then we are in serious trouble ! God is love, yes, and correction is part of loving!   He is expecting me, Noelette, and you,  to TURN FROM our WICKED WAYS ! And my wicked ways, though different from yours, are still wicked!    He says,  TURN, stop that mess!   Not how you choose,  but obeying him even when it goes against your “natural” inclinations!   And please don’t confuse this post with only referring to sexual sins of any kind!  I’m talking about everything that doesn’t look like Jesus, and our refusing to change;  even when you feel  the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Turn from what you are that’s not like him and stop judging and condemning everyone else.  Trust me, that finger is pointing to me!   

My prayer today is, if you want July to be different, then you be different!  Trust God!  Obey God, study his word and turn from laziness, judge mental spirits, selfishness, refusal to take real time with Him, , refusing to forgive, and yes all sexual sin, and yes all stealing and lying and every other transgression we have become satisfied with.  Trust God. Obey God.  Not your religion, God!   Stop criticizing each other, stop eating like theres no tomorrow, or damning people to a hell you don’t own!   Remember the person you’re condemning  may come from a place of great pain.   Love!   FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER!   Call each other,  pray for each other, lead instead of always following to the point of your own detriment,  I’ll say this again for you, lead and know your own gifts!   If you’re not a leader be smart enough to  be led by those who actually show they serve God and not a religion!    Remember what Paul said in the book of Timothy about some “church leaders”.   Protect one another, stand up for one another!   Look after the elderly, call them, shop for them, keep them company.   Correct people in love instead of damning them to hell.   Turn from being you!   Period!  Ask for the Holy Spirit, and the removal of those spirits in you, not like Him, ask for wisdom, ask for faith!   

Ok I obeyed, I’m going back to bed! 

God is in this,  and He’s got work for us to do!  Let him change you, as I seek desperately for Him to create in me a clean heart,  and be obedient to the correction.  He loves us too much to leave us like we are!   I’m so glad Jesus!

Happy Thursday!  Because God loves you!   

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