If I Can Help Somebody/One People! Tribute to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

“One tribe, one time, one planet, one race

It’s all about the blood, don’t care about your face

The color of your eyes, or the tone of your skin

Don’t care where you are, don’t care where you been

We are one people

One love, one blood, one people.

Help each other, make these changes 

Brother,sister, rearrange this...”.   Black Eyed Peas

I watched a show yesterday showing scientists capturing white sharks for the purpose of inserting trackers in them. This supposedly is a way to help monitor them for their protection.  I also watched a show that followed a photographer who photographed rare animals in captivity.  He wanted people to see how important it was to make sure they were safe.  He wanted us to feel something enough to do something. 

Animals are amazing;  fish, birds, mammals beautiful and fascinating.  We are to protect them.

I’m troubled however, because as I visit Venice beach in California and drive around the streets of California, New York, outside our White House in Washington DC, and too

many cities in the United States, I wonder, who cares about the humans sleeping in the streets.  Who’s taking pictures of them to show us what’s happening and the need to protect humanity. I wonder if brilliant scientists could get together to figure out how to save mankind, how to purify the water in Flint Michigan.  

I wonder with all the promises voiced by those running for particular political offices, raising millions to fly around state to state with passion, how those politicians somehow in all their travels, miss people living on the streets of every major city in this country.   I wonder why there’s little to no talk about the poor.   I wonder.  I wonder what happened to us,  humanity.   

 I ask God, to able me, in every way, to fight for those who he’s listed in the Bible when He’s says, “if you did it to them, you did it to Me”.  I think Jesus, Martin and the Black eyed Peas, have it right,  “Help Somebody”.  I can’t guarantee your life will change,  but I do know how good it feels to help see someone through, the joy that comes from helping.   I also know the joy of being helped; how being helped restores the idea of God love in somebody’s heart.  How being helped motivates someone to move forward and help themselves and in return help others.

As we repeat the many speeches of  Martin Luther King, as we celebrate his living, and his many contributions, let’s do more than talk.   I used to say I didn’t like Martin Luther King, true story.  It wasn’t that, really.  It’s that too many of us repeat the contributions and speeches  while refusing to do what he did,  fight for the sake of others, without looking for something in return!  

May I encourage you today, and remind you to encourage somebody:  text words of hope to someone,  call, visit,  help somebody, show someone they matter.  Stop and get our your car to  buy a meal or give a coat or blanket to someone on the street.  Do something.    I don’t want to look back on my life knowing I only thought of me, only did for me, and you don’t either. 

Today I salute Martin Luther King, Jr,  who learned from, and put into practice what he learned from the Master of giving;  Jesus.  I want to do more than remember by singing songs and repeating  speeches.  How about you?  Help somebody!  We are one people!   

Happy Monday!


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