I'm So Glad, Jesus

I had a dream that I was standing in a large field with my two children, Imani and Armand. With us were their family/friends, Porsche and Shalisha Vanderhorst. The only other thing in the field was a large old fashioned clothing trunk, which we periodically sat on, I imagine, to rest. Some of you may remember those. Clearly we were waiting to travel somewhere. I began looking up and singing, “I’m so glad Jesus”. I sang it over and over; “I’m so glad Jesus”.

While looking up, I saw a small black spot that moved closer as I sang. After what seemed some minutes, it came toward us coming through a now opening cloud. It looked like a wound, a healed hole in the middle of the hand of an outstretched arm.

As it moved closer and became clearer, we saw Jesus stepping out a cloud, as I continued to sing just those four words, “I’m so glad Jesus”. The more I sang , the closer He came. Though I was sleeping, I could feel tears streaming down my face and a strong feeling of joy rose up in my soul. I woke up, tears still streaming down my face, but now I was sad because I realized seeing my husband asleep beside me, it was only a dream.

I sat up in my bed trying to hold on to that amazing feeling of joy. When they woke up that morning, I shared with my family, my dream and Armand, my son, said, “Mommy, you’re supposed to sing Jesus here”. And that’s what I’ve tried to do, continue singing about His coming.

Today, I may not be singing in an open field , but I continue to sing, Jesus is coming, and I’m so glad. I’m not just glad He’s coming to rescue us from this world, but He would have rescued us from ourselves. We’re tempted to think, we want to be freed from bad people, sin everywhere, often forgetting that we must be “lifted” from our own despicable selves.

We may not practice behaviors of those who may not know Him, and often we do; but often we’re driven by another darkness. We’re driven by greed, anger, the horrible inability to forgive . We’re overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and manipulation. We are full of us, and Jesus, with His amazing self paid a high price to free us from us. Yes, I’m so glad Jesus and soon my dream will become a reality. Jesus will step out from an opening in the sky, there will be many more than me, Armand, Imani, Porsche, and Shalisha, waiting for Him; and my song will be sung by a number too large to count, singing Hallelujah, I’m so glad Jesus! Get excited!

1 Corinthians 15:51





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