I Can't Wait Until Monday!

I can’t wait till Monday!  Lord I want to be a Christian, in my heart!   Help!

In his humanity, What would Jesus do? 

What would Jesus say?How would He respond?Would He forgive and not harbor hate! Would He know His Father has it all in control?Would He trust? Would He obey?Would he love without condition?Would He choose the Father even over His own desires;even if He were born with them?Would He choose God over religion?Would he be a new creature even if it meant giving up what He perceived as “love”? Would He trust God enough to do his best and when what he did still didn’t work, choose to wait in trust?Would he give up and punk out and not speak up when others were hurting?Would he help see people through instead of helping enough to be able to tell about it; or feel good about himself?What would Jesus do? Would he criticize and not lend help, would he be like me? Will I be like Him? Choose! What would Jesus do? Do that! Just do that!

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