I Can See Clearly Now

Last year I received a gift card for Bed, Bath and Beyond and recently decided to use it.  I don’t usually shop there, so I had to think  back at the few visits I made there  before,  to remind me what they sold.   It took a while because I hesitated,  knowing I’d have to admit that what I’d needed was a declaration of not just a desire but a real need due to a physical lack caused by the aging process.  

Several years back, while attending my Nana’s funeral service, I noticed someone there with literally two distinct shades of makeup on.  Knowing this lovely lady well,  I knew she refused to wear glasses of any kind.   Some of you ladies may know,  it’s difficult,  if not impossible to apply, particularly eye makeup,  while wearing glasses.  So for this,  my reading glasses,  though I have no problem wearing them, aren’t effective.  Well, I think I waited too long, because when I looked at myself from the magnifying sides deciding on which mirror to buy; I didn’t have  various colors on my face, maybe because I don’t wear foundation, lol,  but I was shocked at some things I hadn’t noticed before!   

My first response was not to buy any dumb mirror; because they all  quickly dispelled my delusion of me.  Truth hurts, but helps.   But  not  making a purchase wasn’t the real solution.  So of course, I bought a  mirror.  I could see my flaws more closely,  groom my brows and better see those those tiny white hairs coming from nowhere almost nightly!   

While writing this, I’m reminded of a meeting I had some years ago.  I got there early so I sat in my car to wait.  I decided to check my hair, etc and What I saw in that mirror was not pretty.  Thanks to my hairdresser, my haircut was flawless,  but my face! Ugh.  Did those tiny white hairs grow under my chin, just from the 20 minute ride over?   Lol. So I had to do what I used to watch an older woman do, sitting on the Bland House  porch, at a camp I attended in  my childhood, Victory Lake Camp, and manually pull those bad boys out!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.  You can not imagine what shows up when you use the proper tools and lighting to see yourself clearly.  

I have another magnifier, I’ve been using much more lately, my Bible.  It’s incredible.  It’s shown me that I’m not the person I believed I was and yet want to be.  It’s shown me my many character flaws and human imperfections;  and that without God, without His Spirit in me, I can never, on my own,  be who I desire to be, or think I already am.  

Now,  I’ve always read my Bible, and from a child, like many of you, I’ve been taught to memorize verses and chapters.  I read it and taught my children from it, and the children of many  others.  I was constantly reading and researching,  particularly while studying to hopefully become a pastor.  Apparently it wasn’t Gods will at that time, but I studied.  This is the thing, when looking in a mirror, I was focused on me.  Too often, when  studying the word of God,  I was so excited about teaching others, and maybe,  a little bit of anticipating a good biblical challenge, that I often times didn’t see those tiny little annoying transgressions and flaws of my own. 

For some time now, however, while searching for answers for my life,  His word has shown me that I can’t cover, pluck, or improve upon any character flaw without Him  and He’s more than able to do so.  But it’s also shown me, His wonderful matchless love, not just for others,  but for imperfect me.   It’s shown me all the chances and opportunities I have, and how readily He extends grace and mercy.  His amazing word, just  reading it on a regular, is  transforming and making me whole and  beautiful on the inside as well as out.   He restores, revives, renews me , and now, I can see clearly.  You know the verse that says, “Gods word is a lamp unto my feet , and a light unto my path?  Psalm 119:105?  Well my  interpretation goes like this;  The Holy Magnifying Word of God,makes clear the things you should choose, to become who you should be.  It magnifies the way for each individual and it helps us clearly see who we are and who God wants us to be, providing clear instructions on the “ how to” of every life, for every day.  Wow. 

I don’t know about you, but I love beautiful things.  Trees, flowers, mountains, and people.  I love to see beautiful well put together women and men.  I love to see well groomed, well dressed children and young people.  And no matter what your features or imperfections, it’s amazing how beautiful one can be, if their beauty comes from within. How peace, and happiness helps create that beauty. So thanks to my mirror and my Bible, I’m on a roll!  How about you?  I can see clearly now!   

Happy Monday

Check out the magnifier!

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