How Deep the Father's Love

They say it never rains in California, I beg to differ. I look out my window and watch the rain come down as tears flood my eyes. I’m listening to a song I recorded some time ago, “How Deep The Fathers Love For Us”. You ask, why the tears Noelette? Tears, because as I look out at the rain I realize, I literally could be out there and not in here. I’m so grateful. It’s not about anything I’ve done or been, or earned to be inside instead of out. It is solely because of the depth of the Fathers love for me!

The song says, I cannot boast of anything, no gifts, not power, no wisdom. But I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection! I can not boast. You can not boast, really. And then I wonder, because I know it could be me; are those outside, His too? Are the homeless, just ignorant, selfish, lazy, drug addicts? Are they worthless, mentally deranged people who have no purpose? Are they children of Satan, who deserve our criticism and scoffing? No, and because they matter to God, they must matter to us because the love we give will change them in ways we can never know.

I don’t suggest taking folk in, unless you’re Spirit led to do so, but there is someone today and every day you can help. And in helping, you’re showing the depth of love and mercy God gives you. I remember a dear man, ( my cousin Muriel will remember these days); George Shadwell. He was a white man of wealth, whose family found him after he’d walked away, and had been lost for several months, living on the streets of Boston, dirty, hungry, beaten up, and alone. They couldn’t handle him, because they couldn’t bear the shame he brought. They found my grandmother who had already taken in two grandchildren to raise, through the hospital in which she worked. They were told she was not only a nurse, but a care provider, who because of us, began to work only part time then soon leaving the hospital altogether. They brought George to our home and he stayed too many years to remember. Our home was his last one. Nana bathed him and shaved him until he learned how to groom himself. She took him to the barbershop once a week. She fed him three meals a day, provided him a clean loving home. He began to talk and was able to go out for walks, ride the bus, and return home safely. No one ever bothered him again because they knew he was loved. Subsequently others came; two blind women, a war torn veteran, who after years of silence, spoke his first word with us, and there were others.

Nana was amazing and you can believe, she taught us how to care for every last person who came to live with us. She let us know, her caring for them allowed her the time and money to care for us and that’s how God works. Each one of them enjoyed our home and the love and care they received. Wow, how deep the Father’s love. This is the thing, my grandfather died and left my grandmother with six young children in the early thirties. She was only in her thirties! But after raising her children, she took that emptiness, she took the loneliness, and somehow turned it into love.

How Deep the Fathers love. And his love never ends. I don’t know what you’re feeling today. I don’t know the conditions in which you may find yourself. But I know this, His loves runs deep for you. Take it and bless someone else and watch what happens. God loves you! Now go love somebody!

Happy Monday!

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