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So last week my daughter and I made a  trip to the barbershop.  Not soon after we got there, the conversations started about the current leader in the White House.  Now just so there’s no confusion, we go to a Black owned shop, in a predominately Black neighborhood, and on this particular day, though clients of all ethnicity come in, there were four Blacks and one Hispanic.  So why in the world did the only other older person in the shop, a Black man, who because of his age should have had more sense, begin the conversation by bashing, Barack Obama!  Really, are you kidding me!  But one question he asked, annoyed me and stayed with me.  He kept asking what he did for us why we had such loyalty to him.  We all said a variety of things but I really wanted to list them, just ramble off all he’d done to make this loud mouth abrasive man come to his senses!  And I couldn’t. Part of it was my anger, but the bigger part was they weren’t clear enough to me to remember. I just love our former President.  And that’s an OK thing, so in case you’re wondering some of his accomplishments, here they are:

Rescued country from the Great Recession 

Signed affordable care act

Ended war on Iraq 

Ordered capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden 

Passed recovery act to spur economic growth during recession 

Supported LGBQ communities fight for marriage equality 

Commuted the sentences of 1200 drug offenders to reverse pirated prison sentences

Saved auto industry

Helped U.S. on track for energy independence by 2020

Signed the deferred action for childhood arrivals allowing millions of people living here to avoid deportation and receive work permits

Increased department of veteran affairs funding 

Boosted fuel efficiency standards for cars

Signed hate crimes prevention act 

Signed fair pay act for women

Nominated first Hispanic Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor

Won Nobel peace prize for his effort to strengthen international peace between world countries

Launched my brothers keeper

Supported veterans through a $78 billion tuition assistance bill 

This is the short list of what our former President did for this country and why he still has my deepest respect. 

This is what I pondered last week, and the question was posed again on yesterday to our Facebook community.  Why do I believe in God? What has he done specifically for me?  What could I tell someone about Him?  Can I bring to mind the proof of His love for me, that might win a soul, change a perspective, encourage to try?  

So how do I know he loves me? What has he done for me?  Can I list some blessings, some miracles?  What can I say to  someone who doesn’t think he’s done anything?  Can I make a list?  Let’s see:

My mother made the choice to allow my birth when doctors told her it was too dangerous.

After she died, he’d already prepared my Nanas heart to take us in.  

He remembered the prayers of my mother and father and those prayers followed me

Placed me in environments, schools where I would develop lasting positive relationships, turning friends into family.

Kept me from working with musicians and groups, producers although internationally known would have led me so far from him.  Gave me intuition and discernment, courage to say no thanks.  

Gave me two amazing children, who still manage to love, even the sometimes unlovable me.

Allowed my ex-husband and I a continued friendship, when our season ended, the  benefits of forgiveness.

Gave me the Holy Spirit to guide me, angels to protect me, for real!

Answered prayers over and over again when no one else knew or understood the need

Instilled in me the spirit and joy of giving and sharing, helping me be who He wants me to be.

Kept me in good health giving me wisdom on how to live.  

Allowed me decades of ministry all around the country, and a few places beyond,  sharing my gifts to bless others. And how many blessings I received on those same journeys 

Got me to 66 years old today!   I take no medications, I’m able to sleep all night, and workout most days.  I’m grateful.

Provides for me.

Forgiven my sins.

In my hardships, taught and still teaching me lessons I need to learn, He’s a caring Father.  

Woke me up every morning for 66 years even when I was disobedient, He’s faithful.

I’ve only just begun! Thats why I love Him,that’s why I know He’s real!  That’s my list, any questions?

The next day, the barber text us to say they continued the conversation after we left. And that same annoying same man, began to realize his thinking was off. He appreciated the truth me we took to talk and correct And that’s yet another blessing. 

What’s God done for you?  Make a list, to remind yourself, that’s why!  Be grateful and trust!


Happy Monday


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