Happy New You

If any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature; old things are passed away and behold all things are new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

If you had a year like I did and are still standing, I say bravo!  2019 has been testing and trying and I must admit, upon wakening on many days, I was like, Lord, why?   But if, I’m honest, and I am, I’ve learned so much about me, about God, and about me and God together!  I’ve been blessed.  God has sometimes answered quickly, but often,  seemingly, not soon enough.  As I’m learning to rest in Him, trusting solely in Him, praising Him before lamenting about what I don’t have,   He is making me new!  God’s desire for us, is to be with Him, and He’s doing in us what we need to do just that.  Get excited!

It proved to be an awesome presentation.  When we got to the Hallelujah Chorus, the director invited those in the audience who desired to participate, to join us.  So many people came.  We began to sing and I found myself tearing up.  Tears began to stream down my eyes and I had to get it together to make sure I could see the music!   But I tell you at that moment of being surrounded by so many voices, people of all ages and races. Members of the church and non members,  I was overwhelmed with joy!  All I could vision was us kneeling in front of Jesus praising His name singing Hallelujah.  I saw people kneeling and confessing that He was king and I tell you, it took a minute to contain myself!  I didn’t think about the season filled with tears, fears, loneliness or want.  All I could see was all of us, praising Him.  It was amazing!  

Malachi 3:3. “. and He shall purify, the sons of Levi, that they may offer Him offerings in righteousness...”.  There are some things I’ve learned.  When you are being radically transformed, “purified” this is most probable to happen:  you will be separated by what is comfortable and familiar.  This can even cause you to be relocated.  Often you will feel isolated.  Because of these, you will most likely be transformed which will eventually cause you to be restored and even elevated!  All this will take time. Rest. You are not in control.  God is. God does not forsake.  He doesn’t leave.  

My point, God restores; God makes new.  He is today reviving, renewing, restoring, you.  It’s not always easy and most often not pleasant.  Tears are shed, fear arises, long prayers are prayed, questions arise.  Anger and doubt may fill your spirit.   Tell Him!  Tell Hm how you feel, but don’t stop talking to Him.  

I pray for you today, strength to focus, and hold on.  I pray for you today, motivation to not just survive, but live.  Ask for a great thing, a God thing to do in you and for others what only He can do.  Today I pray you will begin to see yourself as His child and behold a new person in you.   Life is hard but God is able.  Put your trust solely in Him and behold...A Happy New You!  See it, believe it, claim it!

Happy New YOU!




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