Hallelujah MARVELOUS GRACE (a poem from every sinners perspective)

I used to be a liar, my words filled with deceit,

I used to be a gambler, and how I loved to cheat.

I even was a pedophile and preyed on sweet young boys,

I lived as an adulterer because it brought me joy.

Oh yes, I was a gossiper and many lives destroyed,

Did I mention that I ate too much and thought of only me,

And murdered a few babies before they could be seen.

And for a time I went to church to join the happy hypocrites band,

Who hid their sins behind the rules of man,

But recently I met a Man who changed me from within,

He freed me from my hopelessness and cleansed my every sin.

I learned of how He left His home to come and rescue me,

I heard of how He suffered on a hill called Calvary.

He told me that He came to save the lost and the distressed,

He came for every one of us, our lives to richly bless.

It didn’t matter what we’d done, or even what we’d been,

He came and died for each of us, to save us all from sin.

I long one day to see Hm and to look upon His face,

As I’m reminded my salvation came because of love and grace!

"Just as I am, without one plea, but that your blood was shed for me

And because You bid me come to thee, oh Lamb of God I come."

Marvelous Grace!

Happy Monday




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