God's Got This

Isaiah 55. Come everyone!

I woke up this morning a bit sad and discouraged but  determined to press God on the matter.   I chose not to blog today as I never want to use this platform as a means of getting attention or applause.  I want this blog to fulfill its intent; to encourage.  But if I’m not “feeling” it,  what can I share? However, I watched a program last night and it came to mind; and then this morning I read something which prompted me to write.  “Look at God”.

Last night I watched a show where the main character had the opportunity to meet his favorite author.  He wrote several acclaimed books validating the beliefs of an atheist.  Like most notable authors he had multiple invitations to lecture,  but also participate in forums on matters pro and con regarding, in this case the existence or non existence of God.  In one of the many the forums, this particular one being  a panel, he met another author with an opposing view, a female pastor.

They subsequently fell in love after some months but  as their relationship approached the year mark, he left.   He left,  not because of a lack of love, but because his love for her and his experience with her began to destroy the catalyst on which he wrote, that God didn’t exist.  He began to believe in God, which he felt destroyed his ability to continue writing.  He became confused and fearful he could never write again.  And so to fight against his beginning to believe, he left.

Then this morning, feeling ok with my decision to abstain from writing, I settled in to read.  I first read my Bible, then my usual devotional readings, then the news.  One of the top stories was this:  “Midwest farmers face a crisis.  Hundreds are dying by suicide”.   Farmers, all men, all in their 50s and 60s.  The article said these farmers, because of what they’re being forced to deal with in today’s  farming business, believed their hope was gone and suicide was the only way out.  It’s an interesting but disturbing read.  To think that there are so many people who wake up day after day finding no other solution but suicide.

I can guarantee today,  that someone reading this,  woke up discouraged, depressed, angry, confused and frustrated as to where you may find yourself.  I did.  You may feel you have every  reason to do just what these farmers have done, if not suicide, something that may be detrimental, but yet eases the pain of life.   And yet, ,  here you are reading this.  This is not by chance.  You see, you actually can’t do anything about your situation or you would have done it,  but Someone  else can.  And that’s our hope and that’s the hope we’ve got to share!  Really we’ve got to share this hope, this answer,  because, as one of my favorite authors,  Max Lucado so powerfully states,  “hope has a name;  His name is Jesus,” not  one who you find in church and then leave there until the next week,  not  one with empty promises; but real hope real answers, real powerful, life changing solutions.  Dare I say real miracles!

I don’t want to finish this piece writing feel good words without substance.  I don’t even want to say, “the Bible says” because you might not be in a place in your heart  to receive it.  I’m not going to arrogantly suggest that what works for me will work for you.  But I will say this;   the amazing thing about God is He’s not a cookie cutter God. What you need He’s got for you!   I can say that you and I will come up against the kinds of things in life that if we don’t read this Book, if we don’t consume its words, if we don’t talk to Him, will make us feel there is no hope.  We will have reason to end it all.

And now I’m going say it,  because there are truths in this book, the Bible, found no place else.  There are promises made by One who can actually keep them and does.  So today, on a Monday as we face a world with multiple deaths daily, a world health emergency, turmoil in our government, sickness and financial despair, there is a word from the One who still has control.  The One  whose love for us has not just a good word, but an encouraging word, a powerful word, one that brings results!   Isaiah 55.

I challenge you today to not just read it, but do what it says.   Be encouraged today!

Happy Monday, Gods got this!


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