God is Great and I Thank Him; my Conversation With me

We used to say this blessing,  “ God is great and God is good, and we thank him for this food...”.   Faithfully with each, meal we would thank Him.  I’m sure most, if not all of you were taught that blessing or some version of thanks.   Most times we probably said the words but didn’t grasp the meaning.  That’s ok, we were children.    Now I’m grown, I still

thank God and ask that my food be safe for consumption and then dig in.   Here’s the thing, if I believe, after I’ve used common sense and wisdom,  God is taking the time to insure that I not only have food, but that it’s safe, why then can’t I trust Him in all matters of life?  Why can’t I believe that no matter the situation I’m faced with, before getting out of joint, to just trust Him?  I’m not in control, I don’t have the answers, but He does, doesn’t He?  Don’t I sing about it, write about it, talk about it;  don’t you?  Why  would I lament at the current state of this country, or world for that matter?   

For some time now, on my fb page I’ve written, “Remember Nebuchadnezzar.”  Some people don’t get it.  If you read the book of Daniel, you find the working of God upon this narcissistic, arrogant king where God intervened time after time.  It’s a fascinating,  yet troubling historical recollection of a hard time in the lives of the children of Israel. It makes amazingly clear that God rules in the affairs of the world no matter what things look like.   You do realize the song,  He’s got the whole world In His hands, means just that, right?  

For example, there are times, ashamedly, I struggle with returning a percentage of money to God as an act of trust and thanks.   It’s called tithe and offering.   Being thankful isn’t my issue, it’s trusting when I don’t have enough to pay bills or do what I need to in order to navigate financial aspects of life that concerns me.  It’s a biblical command so I’m not going to debate that.  God makes clear with this, that we should and can trust Him, though I believe, He’s aware it might often put us in financial jeopardy.   That’s the point, He wants our complete and unwavering trust, to know He’ll take care of us.   Like the Hebrew boys, we find ourselves in overwhelming positions requiring trust, not just financially, but in every aspect of our lives.   And there’s the promise we overlook,  in this world you will have tribulation.  That’s the part that ain’t too pretty!   We’re left having to choose, like the Hebrew  Fab Four,  to trust Him, hoping,  praying, and finally trusting,  that He’ll take care of what we can’t and better than what we could.    Yet I wonder is it because,  unlike Daniel, in the worst of times too often we worry before trusting?   It’s like, if we can’t, He can’t either.   Or, if He’s allowed this, why, and does He care enough to actually step in?   I don’t know.  It’s hard.   Trusting isn’t always easy and truly it’s a learning process.   It’s like, ok God, I’m done, I’m tired now.   He knows. 

So here we are today, in a quandary about the state of politics to the point of anger, fear, and too many heated discussions.   And yet in our many means of communication, God doesn’t get equal time.   We’re either complaining, debating, or criticizing.   So let me just say this;  God is still great, and God is still good.  Tell somebody!   Even if things don’t turn out like we ask,   Gods got us!   Let’s do, like a very wise woman said, “stop rehearsing the difficulties”.   Stop worrying and remember Nebuchadnezzar.   Better yet,  Remember God.  Remember what He’s done and is still doing.  Remember in a way that others can see who we actually put our trust and hope in. Remember in a way that stress, which is killing us, is removed for your spirit.   Gods got this, Gods got us!  Even me!   Even you!   Happy Monday!  


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