God Governs!

Psalm 91;5

I shall not fear the arrow by day; nor shall I fear the terror by night.

The God who governs angel armies, has set encampment around me

Whom shall I fear?  

Thank you Father for the beginning of a new week. But yesterday I had  no strength; no emotional strength.  We’re in a spiritual war and I honestly don't know what's going to happen to me, to my family, my friends, my people, this country.  What I feared and have known for a long time, has manifested in ways I couldn’t imagine.  I live in a country seemingly dominated  by hatred.  I watched the Vice Presidential debate and I was sickened and disgusted.  So I retreated .  I stopped to pray, to cry, to vent, and to inquire of the Lord.  I lost yet another friend this week to death. Three weeks in a row someone I love has closed their eyes to death. This is a messed up year.

So I got tired and drained.  I can’t say God isn’t good to me because He absolutely is.  It’s not something I say because He’s God and that's what you're supposed to attribute to Him, his goodness.  No He's' been good to me.  He provides when I don’t have enough,  and keeps me safe even when I am unaware of even the possibility of  being unsafe, and so much more.  He provides me with reasons to laugh, even in this storm.  Even in quarantine, I see more friends regularly than I did from week to week before this pandemic.  We spend time together, hours; to laugh, talk pray, remember and praise.  God is Good.  But I’m still tired and life is trying.  

Like some of you today, the rough parts of life just seem too much and you wonder when this season is going to end.  I know some of you have lived seemingly an entire life of turmoil and broken and now even encouraging words mean almost nothing. You just need help, a change, a healing, and answer!  I get it.  God gets it more.

So this is what He did for this discouraged, tired soul.  As I searched to find a way to worship looking for the right song, scripture, story sermon, I “somehow”, discovered this song based on Psalm 91.  I really had never heard it but my dear friend played it on her radio program and I heard what seemed to be a familiar voice.  It was soul stirring and between the voice and the words, I was captivated.  I had to hear it again and again. The voice of John Stoddart, and the Aeolians of Oakwood University sang this song, “God of Angel Armies”with such conviction and promise, such soul and perfection.  As the tears flowed like a turned on faucet, I thanked God for this wonderful promise and declaration.   I sat for hours listening over and over to this heaven sent voice and choir backing him.  This is what God does!  He knows our hurts, concerns, fears and if we listen, if we seek Him, His Holy Spirit moves when we feel tired, hopeless, and often helpless; sending a song, a word, a text, a phone call, something, to remind us of His love and power!  

The God we serve governs armies, angel armies; thousands and thousands of angel armies and has set protection all around me, all around you.  Whom shall we fear?  

There will be more deaths, more tears, more hatred, more, more and more.  There will be days when you’re tempted to fear to face unpleasant circumstances.  Don't.  Face them head on.  “I will say to the Lord, My refuge and my fortress, My God in whom I trust!”  You will not be afraid of terror by night, or of the arrow that flies by day.  

Keep moving, keep doing what He’s assigned you for the day.  It may not be a big thing to you, but anything you do for God, for life, to make it better for yourself and for others is a big thing!  I'm keeping the words of Psalm 91,  deep in my heart and my mind.  I can pray;  I can say in the storm, “I”m not afraid, all is well, all is well, all is well”.  The God who governs angel armies, has set encampments around me, whom shall I fear!

Happy Monday


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