Dang! It's not even Monday

Isaiah 26:10.  You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on  you, because he trusts in you.  

Today I woke up thinking it was Monday.  It’s not.  Today I don’t want to wake up right now, I want to sleep this day away because I’m tired.  I got Monday blues and it’s not even Monday yet.   I got Monday blues because between this pandemic and racism and lack of leadership in what’s supposed to be the greatest country, and we’re finding out week by week it’s the worst, I got Monday blues!   I got Monday morning blues and it’s not even Monday!  

And what pops into my mind?,  you gotta love the Holy Spirit;  Isaiah 26.  And I’m saying to God, it’s not true.  And He’s saying to me, “you’re not focused on Me”.  “You’re focused on your situation.  You’re focused on what you want me to do for you!”  “The text is there in your head, but you’re not thinking about me”.   He’s right.  Honestly, part of me no longer wants to.  I just want everything to be ok.  I want my way, not my God.   Don’t judge me.  

I’m reminded that every time I think I won’t be ok, I am.  This is only God, really.   Rent is paid, food, supplied, communication with family and friends, regular.   I laugh almost daily, I exercise, I can walk on my own and I’m not sick.   I’m not alone.  It seems, oh man,  He’s right!  I just want what I want.   Now don’t judge,  me because I’m giving you a glossy picture of my current reality.    Some of you couldn’t handle my reality.   It’s ok, I couldn’t handle yours.   And this started long before the pandemic.  Another story, another time;   Stay with me.   I am, however, still here.  So what is this, really?  I don’t want to say it... I don’t trust God.  I don’t know Him enough!  I’m not stopping to focus on Him.   I want my way because...here goes... I think I deserve it.  I’m a good person, I’m a Christian!    And there you have it.   I’m a Christian, and how long do I have to do this?   

Now I can chill, I said it, for all of us.  I don’t trust!  I figure, what loving parent would allow this?   The One who knows that who I am could never have the character that would enjoy “home” and so, what I’m “going” through, what you’re going through, is molding us inside so we will enjoy “home” for eternity.   Jesus made the way, everything’s paid for in full.  We can’t earn anything having to do with salvation.  But come on, do we really want to go to heaven, or do we just want our lives the way we want to live them here?  Money, love, happiness, helping someone now and then to make ourselves feel good, without having to “sacrifice”.   Be honest!   Here’s the 4/11.  We can’t be who we are even a little bit, not in heaven;   We’d be miserable.   So this, suffering, pain, tears, and sorrow, pandemic, are all fine tuning us to go home.  Hebrews 5:8, “While he lived on earth, anticipating death, Jesus cried out in pain and wept in sorrow as he offered up priestly prayers to God.   Because he honored God, God answered him.   Though he was God’s son, he learned trusting obedience by what he suffered, just  as we do”.  Ok, I can’t even finish the text cause I’m sooo not happy right now.  Really. Are you kidding me!   And yet, here it is folk.  He learned trusting obedience through sorrow and suffering, Jesus, Gods son!  And there you have it!  

Desire, focus on Him and commit yourself to becoming.  When I say “just” do something, trust me, this is no picnic.  And yet all through this, we laugh, we create, we sing we dance, we hold on. And you know who can do that real good, because  we’ve suffered long and hard,  those who desire God!  

So it’s Sunday;  maybe tomorrow, I’ll be a better me; a trusting me, a focusing me, one who keeps my mind on Jesus for real.   “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you”.  Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is ever lasting strength.”  You can’t trust who you don’t know.   This time, today, now, this season,  get to know Him, you got time.   

Read this again tomorrow cause, well, are you paying me for two blogs?  🤣🤣🤣🤣

Happy Monday, trusting Monday!   Daddy loves us!   



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