No More Monday Morning Blues

The Devil Is In The Details

I am learning to spend more time studying this wonderful book called the Bible. As I read Leviticus, Numbers, Nehemiah, Daniel, Revelation and others, the lists of names and specifics that used to bore me no longer do. To be honest, I often skipped those sections after the fifth detail. I’d wonder to myself, why spend all this time on these specifics? Then I realized, God is a God of details, because He knows details matter and without Him even in the small details of our lives, we fail. Throughout the Bible, lay very important details. Every word matters, every aspect of the characters’ lives matters. However, the phrase “the devil is in the details” is meant to be cautionary.

I met a young man last Thursday in Florida on my way back to the airport. He was my driver, a young man from Puerto Rico, a former teacher, starting life over after the devastating hurricanes. In sharing, he first told us he and his wife both drove for this company. He then asked the purpose of our visit and my friend said I had been commissioned to sing for the conference. He asked specifically the kind of music and then, why I chose that. I explained I had sung all kinds but gospel music for me held a special message people needed to hear...God is real, people matter to Him,He is concerned with every aspect of our lives, and too many of us don’t know that.

At that point, he literally began to cry and confessed that he’d lied. His partner was in fact, a man. Don’t ask me how, but I knew it was a lie when it came out his mouth. Which to me meant God had ordained this meeting. So I waited and let him talk. He shared how he’d been molested as a child for four years by his priest, and was now living this life. He said he was told God couldn’t love him because of this life choice. And though he prayed, he felt God had no power to “fix” him. He didn’t know the details.

What went on for the final fifteen-to-twenty minutes in that car was nothing short of a Holy Spirit hallelujah time, too much to share here. But I will say this, like the woman at the well, he went home and told his partner about Jesus. He emailed me before I got on my flight thanking me for sharing details of this Book , the Bible, that showed how he mattered to God. He thanked me for sharing details of my life and character that only God could fix; enough for me to take the time to speak in love and tangibly show Gods love to him. I wonder if maybe God knew this day and time would happen! He did. He contacted me again on Sabbath as he, and now his partner vowed to find a church they could attend.

I was overjoyed, and then discouraged, because I can’t name one church where he could be welcomed and embraced, invited to dinner without , 1; shoving doctrines down his throat, being greeted with questioning stares, and someone eager to tell him of his sinful ways, and doing just what they did in his church by telling him God couldn’t love him as he is. To be clear, I do know some churches who would embrace them, The one I attend is one, but I couldn’t just say go to this church or that, because especially in too many of our churches, are folk who still don’t get the message of Jesus, because the haven’t read the details! I knew there were places he could go who God talked but condoned sin behavior, because they didn’t read the details of expected holiness, accepting not just homosexuals, but homosexual behavior. Or those congregations hating homosexuals but condoning adultery, fornication, the various transgressions we now seem comfortable with. Don’t be mad at the messenger! I was and am deeply concerned on where to direct him, yet as I write, I’m reminded of THE HOLY SPIRIT. God will direct him. I obeyed, my job now is to pray.

All we need do is pray! God will provide, and direct that young man and his boyfriend to move in the best way. He’ll also provide the means, if need be, to help.

The details in every one of the 66 books tells me of a God who knows our hearts. It speaks of a God who gives me chance after chance even after knowing the details of my life, which got me to this point. It tells me how He takes those details and moves in heart, mind, and body, changing even environments and circumstances to do in me and for me what’s needed. So now I don’t just know about Him, but I can be the best and most useful me that I can be. God wants us to know we can’t look at one aspect of ours or anyone’s life. Every detail matters. Pay attention. What you came from, what you eat, how you dress, what you read, who you associate with, on and on. It’s impossible for us to “fix” ourselves, let alone anyone else. All God tells us to do is love! And not even with our tainted love, but His. And even with our good intentions, unless guided by the Holy Spirit and not another spirit in us, we will mess folk up. We must learn to pay attention. Pay attention to those biblical instructions on how to live and love. Pay attention to the lists that are throughly detailed in instruction. I pray today you list your blessings. I pray today, you’re prepared to love someone who’s different, without judgement. I pray today that when they see you, they see Jesus. Pay attention to the details!

Happy Monday

Happy Thanksgiving



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