Be The One

Be the one to whom girls and women can go without shame, to share their pain from abuse they’ve endured. Be the one who helps see them through; the one who holds them assuring them, it’s not their fault.

Be the one who sees them and believes them, the one who lets them speak and cry, as they remember. Be the one who looks them in their eyes, with eyes of love and empathy, desirous of fighting for them and helping them fight for themselves and their sisters, daughters and friends.

Be the one to whom young men turn and not feel less than, when they need to cry or express their feelings. Be the one to guide them without judgement . Be the one to show them what a real man looks like.

Be the one to call out wrong and not hide in fear of loosing. Be the one to trust truth rather than stand in support of lies. Be the person to find the good in even the least of these, remembering the grace given to you.

Be the one to take the time to listen to those who have aged. Be the one to appreciate their wisdom though time has taken its toll on them. Be the one to show them their use. Be the one to sit at the side of the ailing; the one who brushes their hair and softly sings songs of love, as you hold in yours, their fragile hands.

Be the one who visits those in prison, those put away and often forgotten. Let them know that no one is worthless or without hope. Be the one to show others that you care. Be the one to go to the low places and show them love.

Be the one to ask forgiveness and then the one to forgive. Be the one to show the world the One who does it best!

Lord I want to be a Christian in my heart, mind,body and soul.

Matthew 25:40.

Happy Monday

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