Are you Ready for What's Next?

Luke 19:13 Occupy till I come.  

It’s Sunday and the weather is amazing, and if you’re reading this, it’s Monday and you woke up,  praise God.   This virus is overwhelming and more and more people seem to be infected on a daily basis, but God is still in charge and knows exactly what He’s doing.  He hasn’t left us.  I’m so glad.  As I begin to write, my television becomes white noise and I’m completely ignoring the show, but then I find myself captured by a commercial for furniture, as the closing words are “Let’s get ready for what’s next”.   

Wow!  Yes, let’s get ready for what’s next”;  I love it!  Are you doing that or do you find yourself fearful and broken because of the situation around you?   Are you doing more complaining than praying and praising;  I know, praise isn’t always easy.   But are you doing more planning and preparing than sitting around allowing all that’s bad in the world consume you?   This is an overwhelming, devastating rough patch ,  but we’re going to get through it.   But when this is over, what will your life look like?  Will you come out a better you?   Will you look back and only see yourself wining,  complaining, and full of fear,  or look back with pride knowing you placed yourself  in Gods hand,  you trusted and were moved to do!   Are you ready for what’s next? 

“Next” is coming!  

When I begin to feel sorry for myself, and I sometimes do, I’m always reminded of Nelson Mandela, unjustly imprisoned  for 27 years!    I remember the all too many men wrongly accused, imprisoned, then exonerated after 10,20, even 30+ years.   I think about John the Revelator on the island of Patmos.  How he must have felt, and yet, moved in the Spirit he wrote the book of Revelation , a book that centuries after his death continues to be read.  Be clear, he didn’t have to, he chose to obey.   There are so many examples of people in our past and even present, who have endured,  moved forward, and grew amidst  hard times.   They accomplished amazing things in times of sorrow, suffering and testing.  Many not well known, but in their personal histories, left amazing legacies for family members  to talk about with pride, and fashion after.   

Your life, today, right now,  can not only prove a blessing to you,  but to some, whom you have no idea are  watching, to see how you respond to all of this; the pandemic, racism, lack of leadership, the all too many deaths.  Are you ready for what’s next?  John saw this, in his vision, a new heaven and a new earth!  Revelation 21.   What do you see?  A beautiful painting or mural somewhere, paint it.  Do you hear a song to encourage, and comfort, write it, record it on your phone, share it.   Do you have a vision to help teach children as they’re on lockdown?  Develop the program and share it.   Do you see yourself speaking to those, who may, like you be struggling with weight gain, or physical pain, and just need an exercise partner?  Zoom a class, and talk about comfort eating, what can you do instead?   There are limitless things we can do, you can do!   Do them!  Has someone been on your mind and you’re wondering how they are?  Call them!   “Next” is coming!  Be encouraged and ask God for the motivation to get ready.   

The hour after you read this, is next.   Tomorrow is next.   Six months from now, will be “next”.  Are you ready?   Luke 19:13. (There is certainty of the soon coming of Jesus.  He expects us to love, to do, to minister until that day.). I believe this time of sheltering is to focus on what each of us is called to do when this is over.  This is a time like no other to pray,  to study, to perfect our gifts; to ask for means to do is we don’t have it, and move.  Are you ready for what’s next?   Let’s get to work!  

Happy Monday,

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