A Mother's Prayer for her Children

Today I pray for our children. For the little ones I pray that they would have parents that care. I pray for parents to take the time to cuddle, kiss, play with pray with, laugh with, and correct them. I pray for parents who do more than feed them and clothe them but parents who enjoy them and allow them to feel unconditional love. Parents who teach fundamentals of life and living. I pray parents not rely on teachers, preachers and grands, to do their jobs, but to be in place to assist. I pray for parents who see positive attributes in their little ones, and nurture them. I pray they work with, correcting those negative behaviors and understand that if not tempered and pruned will cause them to grow into horrible, broken, self centered, and possibly even dangerous adults. Lord I pray for our children. I pray for our teens that they have self confidence and appreciation for who God made them and not try to “fit in” to the point of following the wrong examples. I pray they learn young, to choose friends that will help them and not ones whose associations will destroy. I pray a good relationship with their parents and understanding on both sides. I pray they can pray, enjoy each other and make precious memories together and never lose that connection. I pray we take time to actually listen to them and understand this transitional time in their lives. I pray.

Lord I pray for our adult children and where we have failed they hold it not against us. I pray you forgive us parents who did what we could but fell short so often! I pray as they navigate through this time and space that though we may be physically apart, we are united in love. I pray they can appreciate those who have parented them and find a way to value loving, Godly advise and not see criticism but concern. I’m so thankful for our adult children and hopefully you’ll give them the time you gave us to become like You, but not wait for that, and remember Jesus. Help us to remember when we differ with their choices, they are due as much respect as we expect from them.

I pray oh God for us all as we navigate life to remember your word and the power of prayer and that we have Someone who can direct and guide when we can’t. I pray we remain as a people, connected to our hope, Jesus. I pray we see those who suffer with eating disorders. I pray we see those who are suicidal, those who are prone to sexual concerns of all kinds, and not try to pretend the issues away. I pray oh God we know how to love them through, pray them through and not be ashamed to seek the professional help they and we as parents may need! May we not be ashamed of those our most precious jewels, and not damn them to hell. May we somehow learn to love them and they understand that not accepting sinful behave doesn’t mean we don’t accept them. Some of our children we’re just going to have to fight harder for but it’s a fight worth having because You fought for us!

Dear God help us to see that all professions that help people are professions established by you! I thank you for promised wisdom and assurance of a Holy Spirit so we don’t have to anything on our own. May we seek out our resources both spiritual and human and Save our children! Thank you God for each one of them; the easy ones and the ones who unfortunately are most like us; because they keep us in prayer! So here we are, all your children, old and young, all flawed and yet trying. Thank you for your grace, forgiveness and the ability to laugh today!

Happy Monday,


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