A Better Day

Today on this Sunday morning, I write with eyes filled with tears.  Not the best emotional state to be in to write an encouraging “No More Monday Blues” blog. Today I viewed the home going service of an amazing classy, God loving woman, Mrs Yvonne Butler, while still regrouping from the pain caused by hearing of the deaths of three other dear friends just last week!  

Today, I also reflect on last weeks attempted bombings, incited by words of one who doesn’t understand nor seemingly cares about their effects. Today I’m overwhelmed upon hearing of the, terrorist killings of some of our Jewish brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh, worshipping God in their synagogue yesterday.

I hope Pastors, leaders and all citizens reach out to the victims families and survivors. We are praying for each one.  Today I read a post written by my son, that broke my heart, because I understood his concern and questions regarding men of another color who, if choosing to hate, and move in that hatred, could possibly be the cause of his demise. 

So what joy can I share with any of you today?   What can I impart to you that would cause you to look forward to this week?  No “nice cliches” will work.  Yet, so many times I have witnessed and joined my fellow Americans, of all races, genders, ages, religious or non religious, pull together in times of what seemed hopeless, to make things better. 

I’ve watched us come together putting all difference aside,  joining hands and hearts as we  fought for the good of us all.  We have, now, in this country,  been attacked by mass hatred.  Will we let hate win?  No, we actually won’t, we can’t. Because wherever you’re reading this blog, right now, in that space, you can make a decision;  first, to be the person you want others  to be,  because compromise of  integrity, in any way, will reap consequences that incite hatred even to the smallest degree. 

Secondly, you can vote because it actually does make a difference, the results of hatred will cause us all to lose! 

Lastly, you can find a partner, a group, an organization to do whatever it takes to share this message:  that although we can’t control how haters feel, we will not tolerate the  behaviors fueled by those thoughts or feelings.

We can’t sit around griping and feeling angry, posting on social media and doing nothing.  My most favorite composer says it this way, “Christian, you don’t know the power, that’s in your hand this very hour, you don’t need a shepherds rod, to demonstrate the power of God.  All you need is the will to do, whatever God’s commanded you ...”.  

Today,  God commands love.  We all have in us, God given, God demanded power, to love. Love is by no means passive or weak.  Love doesn’t sit around and gripe, waiting for photo ops.  Love is action, love is consistent, purposeful, and strong.  Love doesn’t wait on someone else to move. Love wins out, because God is love.  TODAY, LETS COMMIT TO DO LOVE!   And oh, by the way, a Better Day is coming!    

Happy Monday. 




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