Luke 18:1. “Then He spoke a parable to them; that men ought to always pray and not loose heart”.

(pray about everything and never give up).

There is POWER in prayer

There is HOPE in prayer

There is HELP in prayer


Heavenly Father today we begin another week. This week, like the past few, absent of the ability to to freely go outside. We begin a week of a new normal; unsafe to a point, uncomfortable, scary, dangerous; and we can’t see the enemy. We only know it’s damaging power. We ask today for faith; faith in a God who although so many have dismissed you from our lives, we now come putting ourselves trust in you. We pray today for a connection with you. We pray for help and healing from you. We can’t even be who we should be without the presence of you Holy Spirit in us. We can't be forgiving, kind, or wise without you. We can’t have real love in our hearts without connecting to you. And we most certainly can’t begin to tackle this world wide pandemic without you, and the wisdom to find a cure if that’s the way this is going to go. Maybe you’re just going to stop this without any vaccine or testing. I pray so. However this goes God, in Jesus name, We need you. We need really need you! So we come today. We give ourselves to you Lord. And we cast every care and concern on you: this pandemic, the deep emotional and financial hardship it’s caused; sickness, fear, anger, lack of real leaders and those in powerful places who use this time as a time to compare, compete, cast blame, and increase their own wealth and power. We give it all to you. We need you. We need your help and wisdom. You said we could call on you. Psalm 50:15. “Call on me on the time of trouble. I will deliver you, and you will bring honor to my name”. So here we are Father God We give ourselves to you. We call upon you. We thank you oh God for the power of prayer and the ability to come to you with everything. Thank you! You are sovereign, creator and nothing is impossible for you! Deliver us oh God please and let the swiftness and completeness of that deliverance bring honor to your name. Deliver us in such a way that we’re clear no man could have done it or even discovered any cure without your Holy Spirit direction and wisdom. Deliver us please. Don’t punish us for those who refuse to honor you. Show them that you exist, and you are who you say you are! Those of us who know and believe will publicly glorify your name. So we come God today In Jesus name. We come. Thank you. Amen.

Happy Monday, Hopeful Monday, Healthy Monday


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