I Am

You may tire of hearing about Eleanor Wright, referred to by many as “Aunt Eleanor”. But as a singer/songwriter, who knew her, and for decades sang and still sings her music, its just a part of me. There’s a song she wrote called “ I Am”. Here are some of the words: God spoke to me in my lonely room one day. I was so discouraged, until I heard Him say, “Don’t give up, trust in me I will make a way, I’m the answer, I am is my name”. “I am bread, water, truth light, almighty God”. Throughout the song are the words in which God not only calls Himself, but declares His character, power, sovereignty. She was discouraged, and He said, “I am”. If you think about it, those two little words say it all.

In my worship one morning, the author of the book I was reading spoke of the conversation between Job and God. In Job 31, he laments about the situation in which he finds himself; loss of virtually everything and not over an extended period of time, but days! After staying true and strong in spite of his wife’s suggestion to curse God and die; Ignoring the lame advice and criticism of his friends, Job insists on his innocence and trusts God. But as we read, we find, Job gets weary. Wow, go figure, he lost everything, then got wicked sick. At some point, he curses the day he was born, because even the best of the best, can’t pass life’s tests, without God. And God knows it. And so He says, bring everything, everything, everything that impacts you from the outside and all the things in you that you know aren’t like Hm. He says, I Am.

So, like Moses, sent on an impossible mission, and Abraham, charged with the unthinkable task of sacrificing his son, and each of us, at some crucial point in life, Job was sorely tested. You will, without God, fail. I repeat; you will, without God, fail. So God steps in and says, “chill, I got this, I Am”! You’re broke; I Am. You have an adulterous spirit; I am. You’re quick tempered; I Am. You’re anxious; I Am. You’re homeless, and without means; I Am. Disease ridden, or desperately lonely; I Am”. Feeling you have no more purpose and it’s too late; I Am! Living with an inclination the Bible speaks against and have no one to talk to feeling no one understands, I Am, is who He is.

In her song, Eleanor writes, “I Am, what you need, whenever you need it, I am the only one who can give you anything and ever ; I Am! Today, my friend, for you, and I, God is I Am. Do yourself a huge favor, go to Him about everything. There’s a follow up to this, next week. We gotta get this, really, God is for you, for me, ...I AM.

HAPPY MONDAY #NoeletteBlogs


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