I came across this post I’d written some four years ago. As we live in concerning times and so many are suffering and committing suicide, I want to remind you and make clear why I do this blog, and ask you to share this with others.

We must begin to purposely fight for the souls and safety of others. This is part of my fight. I want people to know, I want to be reminded, and you to be reminded and share: the God factor!

Life can be too hard, for too long, more often than not. You don’t have to drink yourself into numbness, or get high only to have to continue the process, as you gotta come back to reality sometime. You don’t have to sell your body, or lie or steal. When you’re in trouble, when in despair, pray and keep praying. God does hear, God does answer, God does make a way, God does restore. I know the shame of loosing everything. I know what it feels like to be accused and discarded. I’ve asked God to not wake me up because I felt I had no reason to, and worse, no one cared anyway.

I know what it’s like to feel alone and have no family, or to have friends turn away, to not know where I’d sleep, or to go without food. I felt the harshness of judgement. Friends have been given death sentences from cancer, stroke and so many other physical attacks, or have suffered multiple deaths at one time. I’m not the only one, and neither are you. I’m still here and so are you. And I know what it’s like to get help, to feel unconditional love, to be consistently encouraged and blessed, to be prayed for, and I want everyone who is hurting or suffering in any way to know that. 

So cry out to God, and never, never stop praying. Because from prayer, comes provisions, words of encouragement and tangible, unconditional help and love you never knew you had: often from unexpected people and places. And so today once again, I CROW! Here we go!...

I'm awake at 4:15, visiting a friend in the country. I’ve come to believe that, if it is, in fact, God that wakes us up each morning, then He is wanting me to talk to him this early so I obey. I’m interrupted soon after I start. At 4:19, a rooster begins to crow. The constant crowing is annoying, as I think to myself, what the heck!; Does he not know the sun doesn't come up for two more hours! ( rooster on drugs ). I remain focused and in study, turning to Psalms 42, “As the deer pants... my tears say be discouraged but my soul says hope , remember, anticipate”. The rooster crows again; he’s annoying because I know I’ll be hearing this crowing for a while. He’s not in the distance, he’s next door! I’m impressed to google the reason for the seemingly odd behavior of this seemingly confused rooster only to discover, I'm not the only one who has queried. This is what I found: the rooster crows, not because of the actual event, but... in ANTICIPATION of the sun rising! The rooster knows the sun will come! No matter how long it takes, the sun will rise. Psalm 42 says. “My soul REMEMBERS, therefore it HOPES.... And though I may be discouraged, I’m reminded of what God has done; therefore I can hope.... “. Hallelujah! Are you discouraged, concerned, lonely, without funds, disappointed in life? Begin to rejoice as you remember. Then hope! Anticipate the help. Trust, the answer will come. God has not forgotten you. Hold on! CROW!

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