I Dare You!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020


Happy new Year, happy decade! As 2019 came to an end, 2020 came in like a vengeful lion and not in a good way, or I’ll say not a way I would have liked to experience with all the hoopla of New Year celebrations. I had an amazing holiday season and I say it with a heart full of gratitude.

However, on the last week of December, all hell broke loose, and yet somehow we were able to still praise God. Let’s just put it this way, six deaths in five days isn’t some record anyone is looking to break! I’m talking about Christmas week! Really. And on Christmas Day the news I received caused me to do nothing but sit in a room and pray. Although I wasn’t shaken to the core, it hit pretty hard, another death. Then, on the final Sabbath of the year, news of yet another death. We continue to praise God. We praise Him for the opportunity to share in the lives of those lost, and the season we were blessed to have them. We are grateful! We sorrow and shed tears for our friends, for ourselves and yet, we praise God. And that’s how we must respond if we’re going to navigate through the rest of 2020 and our time here. Life doesn’t necessarily get better at the dropping of the New Year’s ball, ringing of bells, or fireworks. We don’t open our eyes January 1 and find all things brand new, safe and wonderful. Yet...I do often expect that. I’m a dreamer!

This one thing I do know however, and it’s not a dream; The One who loves us most, is still very much in control. The One who loves us most does not, and can not lie, He’s made some promises regarding life and death, I’m claiming them, so should you. The One who loves us most knows everything going on and is moving to fix this mess, trust Him. I know, I know, nice cliches! They are actually not. And so we continue to praise God.

Today, as we navigate the first week of this year, this decade, challenge yourself to know God, not just know of Him. Challenge yourself to prove God. Yes prove Him. Go ahead, He said, we could. Take the time to make the time to know Him beyond family, friends and church affiliation. Take the time to practice praise, even in the midst of sorrow. Take the time to petition for help, hope, healing and determination every day, with His direction and help to move forward for you and for the sake of others. This will not be easy, just letting you know! We’re in a war, man up, pit on the big girl panties! Take the chance to ask Him for His Spirit. Ask for great things as you grow in Him. Don’t listen to negative voices, or focus on challenging circumstances. Remember, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD. Take time with God! Gods got you! Prove Him!

Happy New Year!




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